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Pivot Tables and VLOOKUP are the most asked two Excel features in job interviews. They are the most important Excel skills no office worker can avoid.

In this hands-on course, you will be guided how to conduct quick analysis with a real life case data set by using the essential Pivot Table features. After this course you will be able to slice and dice the data in many different ways, and gain the business insights, generate meaningful reports, all in just few minutes.

You will gain deep understanding of the VLOOKUP function, and its broad use and combination with other Excel features in various scenarios. You will learn how to manage the most common VLOOKUP challenges, while many people used VLOOKUP for years and still do not know how to handle that.

Do not sell yourself short. Having the knowledge and skills in this course, it will dramatically raise your Excel capability, and the opportunity for better job and career.

 "I have attended few other Excel training courses elsewhere. The fundamental difference is: most other courses teach you WHAT is Excel; the Super Excel course teaches you HOW TO USE Excel. I was especially impressed with the thought process the instructor demonstrated in class. He made those formulas alive."

~ Lanet L.

Super Excel Pivot Tables & VLOOKUP Course Outline

4-hour Hands-On Course


Pivot Table allows you to summarize large volume of data dynamically with few simple drags and drops without knowledge of any function and formula. With the filter and sort tools and design interface, you can slice and dice it in various ways to reveal the data pattern. It is one of the most essential tools within Excel one cannot afford to miss.

Excel has about 500 functions available, but VLOOKUP is the most essential and foundational function amongst them all. It allows you to connect different tables and bring corresponding information over based on a common field.

This hands-on course will help you to gain the abilities to analyze large volume of data quickly in a practical and meaningful way with Pivot Tables; and to gain in-depth understanding of VLOOKUP function and the skills to use it in various combinations.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for people who have basic level Excel skills, wish to be able to conduct quick analysis with Pivot Tables and use VLOOKUP function effectively. You should have a good understanding of formula reference in order to fully benefit the knowledge of VLOOKUP function.

Topics Outline

Module 1 – Pivot Tables Essentials

  • Sum or average values by different groups and hierarchy
  • Group results from individual dates into weeks, months, quarters
  • Summarize values by grouped ranges of numbers
  • Identify highest or lowest group by group total
  • Identify most or least common group by group count
  • Filter top/bottom 10 groups, 10% amount of groups, 1000 absolute amount of groups
  • Add report filter and change levels of field hierarchy
  • Quickly generate multiple reports with one group report per worksheet
  • Make Pivot Table results to reflect the changed source data
  • Change Pivot Table formats

Module 2 – VLOOKUP Function

  • Straightforward VLOOKUP function
  • Make VLOOKUP 3rd argument dynamic
  • VLOOKUP common formula errors
  • How to tell if a cell is a number or text
  • VLOOKUP text property numbers to match numbers (VALUE function)
  • VLOOKUP numbers to match text property numbers (&)
  • VLOOKUP with multiple criteria
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When You Sign Up This FREE Super Excel Pivot Tables & VLOOKUP Online Course, You Get:


30 days access to Super Excel Pivot Tables & VLOOKUP on-demand course

  • 22 training videos (total length 3:07:23)
  • 2 training Excel files
  • Course eBook in PDF (74 pages)
  • Certificate of course completion upon passing a test at the end of the course
Training Videos

The recorded videos are just like how they are taught in a live in-person setting, often with additional explanations to address various potential questions or issues. They have been taught in person in classroom setting for many years.

The common and typical questions that attendees would ask are already incorporated in the recorded teaching videos. Also some of the common formula errors are demonstrated in the teaching videos.

Training Excel Files

Each file has answer sheets corresponding to each of the practice sheets. The VLOOKUP file also has bonus materials and associated answers.

Course eBook PDF

This course has very detail course eBook to guide you working through the exercises. There are lots of screenshots and illustration to explain the concepts. It is written in conversational style. When you read them, you feel just like sitting across from me, listening to the teaching. You can see clearly the logic in the thought process of developing the solutions.

Certificate of Course Completion PDF

You have to pass a test at the end of the course to be issued a certificate of course completion.

The test questions are not simple straightforward questions. They do require your deep and complete understanding to get the answers right. 

If you do not get the answer right, that means in your real life there might be situations you may not use Pivot Tables and VLOOKUP function correctly. They are very practical.

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