Corporate Excel Training

(Live In-Person, Live Online, On-Demand Online)

The Super Excel trainings can be delivered on site live in-person for corporate clients that are located in Great Toronto Area.

Projector and attendees laptops could be provided with a small rental fee if you do not have them at your facility.


The Super Excel training can also be delivered live online via Zoom for corporate clients anywhere in the world, or in the Great Toronto Area. 

We just need to connect to the same screen at the same time, without concerns of any physical logistics.

Training dates and times will be flexible to ensure most effective learning for the attendees and minimum interruption to the business operations.

Corporate trainings are customized to your needs and will address the specific Excel challenges you or your staff are facing.

Depending on the delivery format, your geographic location, need of equipment (if in-person), number of attendees, number of training hours required,  level of Excel skills being trained, the fee will vary. There will be a minimum fee and a per person charge.

You will obtain the greatest return on the Super Excel training investment provided to your employees. They will get more done in less time; they will be happier; they will have a higher level of self confidence; they will make your organization more successful. 

This is the feedback from one lady who organized multiple rounds of on-site Excel training for her division, and she attended all those rounds of training herself too. "Thank you so much, Steve, once again, for the incredible training you have provided to our group. Everyone absolutely loved it. You really lay the foundation in the beginning of each course and build on that throughout.  We continue to be impressed with the layout of your course, your highly effective presentation skills, and the wealth of knowledge you share."

Corporate clients can also purchase the on-demand self-paced online courses in bulk for employees. This format provides employees unlimited access to the teaching videos and a set duration of Excel coaching support  the online Super Excel Coaching Community. Within that support period, employees can ask Excel questions related to their workplace real challenges, I will guide them to use what they learned from the Excel courses to solve those problems.

For large corporations, the Super Excel live training could be set up as year-round on-going program for internal employees.

Please email [email protected] to get a quote and to understand how the Super Excel corporate training can help in making your organization a high performance organization.

Here are some of the clients I provided corporate Excel training services either in live in-person on-site format or live online via Zoom format:

  • Insurance company in Waterloo Ontario
  • Alcohol beverage company in Montreal Quebec
  • Ontario provincial ministry in Toronto
  • Brewing company in Toronto
  • Online marketing firm in Toronto
  • Real estate investment advisor company in Mississauga
  • Electronics manufacturing company in Toronto
  • HVACR provider in Toronto (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration)
  • Financial services cooperative in Mississauga
  • Industrial products manufacturer in Mississauga
  • Mechanical and electronic components and solutions manufactures in Mississauga
  • Communication system manufacturer in Vaughan
  • The credit card division of a bank in Toronto
  • Health, hygiene and home products company in Mississauga
  • Confectionery manufacturer in Brantford Ontario
  • Airline catering service company in Mississauga
  • Global investment management corporation in Toronto
  • Transaction law firm in Toronto
  • Patient monitoring and diagnostic cardiology solutions equipment distributor in Mississauga
  • Laboratory testing services company in Mississauga
  • Investment platform company in Toronto
  • Pension fund institutional investor in Toronto
  • Food distribution company in Mississauga
  • Alcohol Beverage retail chain in Toronto
  • Business management consultant firm in Toronto
  • Museum in Toronto
  • Consumer electronics company in Markham
  • Global real estate services firm in Mississauga
  • Heavy equipment dealer in Vaughan
  • Construction materials company in Vaughan
  • Electrical connector manufacturer in Mississauga
  • Food and beverage distributor in Milton
  • Commercial real estate advisory and capital firm in Mississauga
  • Custom sauce manufacturer in Mississauga
  • Municipality in Halton Region
  • Architecture firm in Toronto
  • Pharmaceutical company in Pickering
  • Professional association in Toronto
  • Non-Government Organization local branch in London Ontario
  • Aboriginal community health centre in Toronto
  • Custom broker firm in Mississauga
  • Cosmetic manufacturer &¬†retail chain in Mississauga
  • Concrete reinforcing steel products company in Richmond Hill
  • Biotechnology research company in Toronto
  • Healthcare cold chain logistics company in Vaughan
  • Tunnel construction company in Mississauga
  • Sensor and control system company in Mississauga
  • Customer lifecycle management company in Toronto