Excel Consulting

If you have complex Excel projects, and wish to get some help to get them done and more automated; or you need to process some data for a particular need; or you need to develop templates to conduct some planning within Excel,Ā I can help you to get them done.Ā 

Over the past many years, I have helped many businesses, organizations, and individuals, in automating their Excel work, saving tons of hours they would otherwise spend.

For some businesses, when they implement an ERP system, there are lots of data processing to get the data ready in the right structure to import into the ERP system, but they simply do not have the expertise internally to handle that. I helped them to process the data based on their complex business rules, and got them into the perfect structure that's required by the ERP system, so they can launch their ERP system on time.Ā 

Not only I got them done for you, I can also teach you how to get them done yourself next time, if required.

Please email [email protected]Ā for furtherĀ discussion.