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Here below are the ones from people who took online course or live online classes

I recently completed the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis online course that provided me with an exceptional learning experience. The flexibility of being able to study at my own pace was invaluable, and the live Zoom sessions were a great way to get my questions answered and receive help with real work issues.

The instructor Steve is knowledgeable and patient, and his ability to explain complex topics in a clear and concise manner was impressive. Even after the course ended, Steve is always available to provide assistance and answer any questions that I had.

I found the class materials to be well-organized and easy to follow, and the hands-on exercises were a great way to apply the knowledge I gained. Overall, I would highly recommend Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis online course to anyone looking to improve their skills in a flexible and supportive learning environment.

Sarah F.
Toronto Canada

I took Steve’s live online courses SE2 and SE3 in the spring of 2020, and incorporated some advanced functions into my work, which had increased efficiency significantly.

In this spring [2022], I joined Steve’s XLOOKUP and array formula training over the Easter long weekend, which prompted me to purchase the on-demand online course package that has SE1-A, SE1-B, SE2, and the updated version of SE3, in order to brush up my Excel skills. It was definitely worthwhile.

The package were pre-recorded so I could re-play whenever needed. Also I have unlimited access to the courses so that I could review anything anytime as needed.

The unique strength that Steve has over many traditional instructors, is that Steve has been a seasoned user of Excel in data analytics. Therefore, Steve was able to share his own personal learnings, tips and tricks, as well as the problem-solving skills, that a typical by-the-book instructor is unable to.

Way to go Steve!

Helen C.
Toronto Canada

I attended Steve’s live online Super Excel Modelling & Array Formulas course in the summer of 2020. I also took an in-person course with Steve approximately 8 years ago, which allowed me to successfully pass an Excel test for a senior financial analyst position and then be able to handle large amounts of data processing and analysis. I would say the online Zoom class was just as effective as taking in person – Steve thoroughly explained the concepts we were going to learn and walked us through the practice files before we tested our knowledge on the files individually while Steve took our questions as they came up. I would also say that the live class with Steve was worth the price for a few reasons – other online but non-live classes do not provide the accountability and direct interaction to ask questions and would take me way more time to complete. As a working professional the relatively short amount of time to complete the course was worth it. The course advanced my data analysis using Excel to provide data summaries that pivot tables and lookup formulas can’t always accomplish.

Bryan M.
Toronto Canada

Steve’s courses helped me feel more confident in my abilities to use Excel by teaching me skills to become more proficient, from foundational knowledge to advanced features. I joined the SE1-A course after having internship experiences in both accounting and finance and assumed that I knew everything – and I was proven wrong very quickly!

I took all of Steve’s courses virtually and was delighted that they were just as engaging, practical, and hands-on as they would have been in-person. Steve is an unparalleled instructor – he is thorough, empathetic, and patient. He genuinely cares about his students’ progress and has frequently stayed late to answer questions. Steve’s courses have helped me prepare for my new job in consulting and I recommend anyone who is looking to increase their professional effectiveness to sign up!

Ellen X.
Toronto Canada

I took the live online Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course in April/May 2020. First of all, thank you very much to instructor Steve, for how you taught and presented the content of this course, which is very easy to understand and follow. This course includes lots of good techniques which are relevant to the current business environment. It helped me in improving work efficiency as a Sr. financial analyst.

J. Mao, CPA. CA
California US

It’s really worthy to squeeze time from my busy work in supply chain and follow Steve to learn Excel skills step by step. I took the live online Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course in the past few weeks. What benefited me most is the that I could now better use Excel to help my day to day work, and I also learned the thought process and logic shared by Steve to design solutions. I become more confident using Excel to analyze data and communicate results with fact. Happy I did not miss the opportunity to take this course, and I would like to continue taking other Super Excel live online courses to keep myself refreshed and growing along the way.

Sylvia X.
Shenzhen China

Steve’s excel courses are extremely helpful. I took two of his courses live online and applied the techniques in improving the tax return templates, which saved more than 90% of the preparation time. I used to spend 40 hours to complete it in the old way, now I get it done within 4 hours. The formulas I learned allowed me to automate the vast majority of the repetitive process. I was very happy to improve efficiency and accuracy, most importantly, work satisfaction.

Helen C.
Toronto Canada

If you’re looking for a course to get an insightful dive into Excel, and spreadsheet-oriented thinking, Super Excel is a great option. Many of the functions and ideas covered in the live online Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course, they definitely enabled me to use the program to its potential instead of creating overly convoluted or complex solutions. The course also serves as a good way to wrap your head around the right ways to solve important everyday problems, and you should for sure check some of the more higher-level courses out if you want to get a good look at Excel’s capabilities in a simple and interesting manner.

Chris Q.
Toronto Canada

I attended the live online Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course and it was the best decision I have made. Steve was able to break down and explain exactly what criteria each part of the formula was looking for, and how to apply the examples into Excel worksheets that you use every day in your career. Steve was very informative and took the time to explain and answer any questions the class had. I found the on-line experience to be the best for me, because we were able to share each other’s screen, so Steve was able to help and give me advice to remember as we worked through the worksheets.

Cheryl A.
Toronto Canada

Taking the Super Excel live online courses was one of the most valuable investments I’ve made in my life! While learning from the comfort of my home, I was able to gain maximum knowledge and value from each class. The communication of the instructor online was highly effective. I could easily understand and follow through everything he said from voice to screen. Topics were covered within an efficient time frame, and yet explained thoroughly. I took Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course and Super Excel Modelling & Array Formulas course. I was amazed by how easy it was to understand each concept without any background knowledge of Excel. With each course focusing on its own aspect, it’s easy for me to learn from scratch. We went through basic functions, and built upon them to gain a deeper understanding of the Excel formulas. Using the skills I’ve learned, I can now create complex formulas to efficiently analyze data, complete work, and save time. Choosing these two live online courses gave me the skill set that will forever enhance my working capability and value to the market!

Eric T.
Toronto Canada

I have very much enjoyed the live online Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course and learned so many cool ways to use Excel formula/functions to complete data processing & analysis effectively. As I am managing half billion dollars portfolio business at a global company, data analysis is critical to deliver all financial targets. Steve is a superb instructor delivering the contents to his students in a way very easy for us to understand during class. I would recommend him to anyone who seeks Excel Skill advancement.

Sherrie Z.
Toronto Canada

I took the live online Super Excel Pivot Tables & Charts course. It was an excellent course and I learned a LOT of new things. The instructor is great and very knowledgeable. Even though it was an online course, I felt like I was part of an in-person class. We are very fortunate to have the technology to learn from a distance and I think we should really take advantage of this great opportunity.

Paulette B.
Moncton NB Canada

I strongly recommend Super Excel if anyone looking to learn more about excel or upgrade their current skills. Steve Huang the instructor at Super Excel is patient, understands each student needs and makes sure every question is answered. I learnt so much during my live online classes, which will help me to use / apply to make my life easy when working on excel. Thanks Steve!

Andrew D.
Toronto Canada

I have attended three Super Excel courses in under a year. Most recently, I attended the live online Super Excel Modeling & Array Formulas. My knowledge of and comfort level with using Excel has increased substantially since starting these courses; Steve is a fantastic teacher and does an excellent job building on the material in each session. The live online format of the class is well organized, provides a great learning platform, and has the added benefit of being more easily accessible to learning from your fellow classmates through screen-sharing. I would highly recommend this course, and any Super Excel course, to anyone wishing to improve their understanding of Excel.

Adrienne F.
Toronto Canada

Here are the ones from people who attended the live in-person classes

I took on a new position as a Senior Financial Analyst for a large corporation and quickly found my Excel skills lacking for the requirements of the job as the job was different from I was doing as an accountant. The stress on me was enormous as I would be working from home late into the night and on the weekends after long hours at the office. After taking the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course I now use the skills learned to analyze the large amount of data I handle every day and have reduced the time it takes me to complete my work dramatically. I am happier, spending less time on the job, and spending more time with my family. I feel grateful that my Super Excel instructor was so knowledgeable and eager to help when I had questions. He added great value to me through this course.

Jessica W.

After taking the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course, I became the Harry Porter in my office. Just some magic clicks, Excel makes impossible to possible, complex to a piece of cake! I have earned so many “WOW”s from my colleagues. Not only the magic tricks, I learned a lot of financial analysis skills also, there is no Excel course in the market can combine these two so well – it’s a “buy one and get one free” deal!. In short, AAA teacher + advanced Excel and financial analysis skills make this course SUPER EXCEL!!!

Tao L.

As an industry research analyst, I use Excel everyday in my work, and I know it is a super important tool for today’s business activities across a variety of functions and industry segments. I am really glad that I have taken the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course this spring. I thought I was quite knowledgeable about how to use Excel before I took this course. But the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course really brought my Excel skill into another higher level. The course touches many things from Excel keyboard shortcuts to develop complicated business model. All those skills I learned from this course has helped me to improve my productivity and of course, added value to my career development. Thank you.

Steve Y.

This course has made my work life so much easier! Steve is an excellent instructor with very well-structured classes. He takes the time to give you the individual attention that you need and makes sure that he answers everyone’s questions. Within the first 10 minutes of my first class, I could already see how much time all his tips would save me in my next spreadsheet. Thanks to Super Excel I am much more efficient and my co-workers think I am an Excel God! I would recommend this course to anyone!

Liz B.

This course was an eye opener for me. It made my job of manipulating data more efficient after learning those critical Excel techniques. As an intermediate user, I felt that the more advanced topics and short cuts covered were very useful for future roles.

Simon L.

I am a university student specializing in accounting. I initially took this course because a few of my university courses especially managerial accounting and statistics are related to Excel skills, simply I wanted to get better marks on them after I finish this course.

The instructor provides us with real life business tasks during the class. What I acquired is not merely useful Excel skills but I have developed a new way of thinking: I started thinking how to build models so it can handle my work effectively. During my current internship, my mentor gave me more responsibilities after he unexpectedly discovered my Excel skills. Finally, I have to say this course is really a fruitful experience and I really appreciate and respect the instructor.

Charlie Z.

I got a new job last October which requires advanced level Excel skills. This is a new position in a large distributor to conduct analysis of duty and tax. The data I need to process is huge…, and I was overwhelmed in the first month, because my skill of Excel was under the intermediate level at that time and I worried about it very much.

Fortunately, I took the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course last November and learned a lot from the instructor in very short time, I began feeling more confident because I could apply what I learned from the course to my actual work immediately. I also brought my questions and difficulty that I encountered in my work to the classroom and got resolved by the instructor. So, if you are thinking to improve your Excel skill dramatically in short time, don’t miss Super Excel.

Kevin Z.

My Excel skill was improved significantly through this course. I have learned tons of cool functions that I would have never found out by myself. I have also learned to think logically and then incorporate it into Excel models that can help me in doing my job. It totally eliminated my “Excel panic” and I can proudly say that Excel is never going to be a pain in my life.

As to our instructor, uh…a gentleman, a friend, an experienced professional. I could not believe my eyes when I saw him building an Excel model and playing with hundreds of functions just by using keyboard. That was so impressive! Also, he personally designed the course that got me thinking about what Excel can actually do to help me in my job, and how I would use it in a timely and efficient manner. He also answered all my questions about Excel functions and what a strong Excel model should contain. Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course has definitely expanded my career horizon. I really appreciate everything the course has brought to me and the instructor himself as a dear friend.

Rex J.

I am an accountant, and I use Excel every day. Before I took this course, I thought my Excel skills were good. At least I had no problems doing some simple analyses assigned by my manager. That being said, I am a kind of person who always wants to learn new things. I would like to know more advanced features in Excel. A friend recommended this course to me. At first, I took a trial class. It was the last class of the previous term. They were practicing a complicated real case. To be honest, I only understood maybe 50%. I felt a little disappointed. However, that’s also my drive to take this course. The instructor is a great teacher. He is very friendly and very patient in answering students’ questions. Most importantly, he is very skillful in using Excel. I learned many advanced functions that I had never thought of before. Also, the shortcuts he taught are so convenient to use. Because the instructor uses real case to teach, it’s easier for us to transfer this skill to the real work. He encouraged students to ask him any problems they incurred at work related to Excel and tried to solve them. I can perform my tasks at work more efficient and faster now. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve analytical ability.

Ruijie M.

This course is very helpful. In the past I have tried many ways to improve my Excel skills, including studying by myself, and looking for help, but they did not work so well. When I found this course in a brochure, I felt so happy, and could not wait for that term to finish, so I can join the next term.

Though I still have a long way to go to polish my Excel skills, at least I have gained confidence to deal with senior level analysis work, with the help from the very knowledgeable and patient instructor.

Vivien Z.

This course is excellent and I’ve learned not only the Excel skill but also the logic of problem solving skills. Before I took this course I only knew the names of the functions but didn’t know how to use it or why we use it. Thanks the instructor for great teaching, preparing very practical real life business case examples, and sharing the experience with us!

Tracy Z.

I really enjoyed the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course. On one hand, the instructor is superbly knowledgeable, as he knows everything about Excel; on the other hand, he is superbly caring and love to share. He is patient to answer each and every student’s questions; many of the advanced skills he shared with students are from his years of constant practice and his own creativity, which is not available in other existing books or resources. Moreover, the instructor conveys information in a superbly effective manner – the course is well designed, examples and questions are carefully selected, and he converts the very complicated problems into relatively simple ones, and makes them easy to be understood. By taking this inspiring and encouraging course, I not only improved my knowledge and skills about Excel and Access, but also rebuilt confidence. I appreciate the instructor’s efforts and valuable time. I will recommend this course to my friends, so that more people can benefit from it.

Gloria W.

After taking this course, I have started to enjoy working with Excel and its various functions. The materials are very practical and useful. The instructor has incredible mastery of Excel skills and is earnest in passing his knowledge down to the students. I would recommend this course to anyone who uses Excel at work; this course will make a big difference to you.

L. L.

This Excel course perfectly satisfied what I was looking for in my daily work. I needed to use advanced Excel features and functions frequently. The course is based on case studies, so we had the opportunity to practice hands-on what we learned during the class. It dramatically improved my work productivity.

Celine X.

Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is amazing!

It opened a door for me to see what Excel work should look like. Before taking this course, I had some Excel skills, even pivot table, Vlookup which I used in my work. But this course really showed me how powerful Excel is, which I had never realized. So many well-organized examples and cases demonstrated to me how the Excel functions can be fully applied to our work to reach what we want. It is not just about explaining functions, but directing me to a way of how to think systematically and logically in completing my work. It really brought my Excel skills to a higher level.

Furthermore, I really appreciate the instructor. He is very responsible, patient, and skillful to help students solve problems. Thank you!

James G.

I would recommend Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course to anyone who uses Excel at any time. The course helped me to improve my Excel skills and gave me the confidence. The most essential functions, features, and keyboard shortcuts are introduced in the class which allows me getting the job done quickly and effectively. The instructor is a very good teacher; he demonstrates the perfect professionalism.

Rebecca H.

Thank you for the sharing of your knowledge and experience. It is the best course I have taken for a long time. The best part is the real project examples, which enhanced and improved my skills to a higher level. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who would like to enhance their Excel skill!

Addie H.

I learned a lot from the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course. I had Excel training before, but it was basic and not very practical, so I didn’t get to utilize it much in my work or personal life; on the other hand, this course was extremely informative and practical. I benefited in many ways:

1. The shortcuts made my work much more efficient.

2. In the past some of the formula in the Excel worksheet I encountered during my work was mysteries to me, and now I can fully understand them.

3. Most importantly, the course taught me that Excel is very effective in simplifying complicated work. I created an Excel model to calculate my personal tax return, which turned out to be very automated and accurate.

Pearl Z.

If you embrace challenges in life, Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is the one. I love this course, because it gives me confidence, challenges, and advanced knowledge to be an expert. It makes my day to day job and projects much easier. Thanks to the instructor for providing me with this excellent course, and I enjoyed it very much.

Patty C.

I took the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course because I wanted to improve my work efficiencies and also increase my marketability. Now I am confident to say at job interview that I know a lot of advanced features and functions of Excel and I do notice that many employers requiring this. This course is very helpful to those who want to or are required to do analytical work. The instructor is very devoted and patient during his lecture. I am very impressed that he always stayed late in order to answer questions or cover as much information as possible. I highly recommend this course.

Helen H.

I work for an accounting firm. Recently I’m looking for a higher level accounting job. In the job market, I found employers often requiring a candidate intermediate to advanced Excel skills. So I took the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course, and found it very helpful. The instructor is very nice, patient, and knowledgeable. He taught us lots of useful features, functions, and combination of the functions.

Helen L.

I took the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course in February 2010. I found this course very practical and helpful; it built up my extensive knowledge and skills with Excel. Most importantly, the instructor is one of the best and most responsible teachers in my life. He used the real-life scenario in teaching, and he taught us not only the formula but also the rationale behind the formula, all of which made the lessons very vivid and easily understandable. He tried his best in every single minute in the class, which showed his great responsibility to students’ money and time investment. He is also one of the very rare teachers who provide assistance after students completing the course. Last but not the least, through this course, I gained strong confidence in my Excel skills, which played an very important role for me in getting a senior position just right after the completion of the course. I will always appreciate his tremendous help.

Iris M.

Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course helped me a lot with my day to day work. I learned various functions and combination of functions that made my daily job much easier. An extra gain from this course is the relief from mouse syndrome with too much mouse clicking. Since I took this course, I now use more of the keyboard rather than the mouse.

Judy Z.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is very helpful. With the techniques I learned in the class, I can now process data efficiently. It is a MUST for people in finance field. The instructor is a very nice person with great patience and Excel techniques. I definitely recommend this course to everyone.

Vicky C.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the instructor so much for the very effective and meaningful delivery of the Excel course. I really found this course to be very well structured with examples relating to the real life business scenarios. It was worth the time and efforts spent towards it.

Axay S.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis courses is well organized, full of vivid examples and practical cases. I came to the class knowing very little about Excel and walked away with tons of skills. The models he developed in Excel are unique, and gave me tremendous help. As a matter of fact, I now use them everyday in my job. The instructor is the earnest teacher that I’ve ever met; I really appreciated his great help to my job.

Rachel Y.

I never knew Excel is so powerful until I took the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course. I only had very basic Excel skills before and when I asked for help from my company’s programmer, they always make the things even more complicated. After this course , I am able to design and build efficient work tables and combine different functions to do complicated calculations which saved me lots of time and headaches. For example, I need to do inventory report monthly and before it took me hours to apply exchange rate (which is not fixed) to every items and it only takes me a couple minutes now. Above all, the instructor is a very dedicated teacher. What you learn from him is not what you can get from books, the cases you practice are from real work (I don’t think you can find anywhere else) and he shows you the solution step by step until you understand it. It is absolutely fantastic!

Julie L.

Before taking this course, I thought my Excel skills were good enough. But this was not true and I still learned so much from the course. I am lucky making the decision to take it.

Compared to other Excel courses simply teaching features, this one focuses on business analysis and solutions thereby achieving real business goals. It helps a lot on my real life working issues. I’m in logistics field and use Excel a lot to do analysis including lead time, forecast, etc. For some projects, it takes me two days or more for a certain step, now I know how to combine the functions and finish it in only one click. And shortcut keys saved my time and relieved my busy clicking right hand.

The Excel skills I learned here dramatically improved my working efficiency and performance. Those boring and time consuming projects became enjoyable process to me. It deserves more than it costs in my case.

Furthermore, the instructor of the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is so responsible and nice that I really appreciated his ready-to-help attitude.

Flora Z.

Many thanks for your great teaching on this course. This course brings me into the world of Excel, and enables me to apply on my daily job. In other words, it’s not only the theory and formula, but also the very practical exercises and examples. Without this course, I might only know the formula from the books, but have no idea how to implement it. Without this course, I might spend one whole day to figure out a final result, but just 10 minutes now. I will strongly recommend my friends to take this Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course to enhance their ability.

J. L.

I am a Financial Analyst, and use Excel to complete the financial reports and business analyses. But I was not me at the beginning; I had a hard time to complete the job due to the limitation of my Excel skill. Your Excel course saved me on the job, and extended my opportunity to move on. This course is well designed to cover most Excel skills required in business world. It is also the instructor, whose dedication makes this course more meaningful and efficient. It is one of the best courses in my part-time study. Honestly, the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is a nice shortcut for people who desire advanced level Excel skill.

William W.

It’s an amazing course… After completion I captured many superior Excel functions I never knew before. It saved me at least average 2 hours working time per day, and I can do complex analysis and forecast now. It’s a surprise to myself, my employer, and my business partners.

Henry D.

I have to say that the instructor is the best teacher ever, he leads student with care, knowledge, and experience.

Gail F.

Your Excel course provided us lots of real cases to utilize advanced functions. This is very helpful in my real job. Mastery of advanced Excel is the essential and most important skills in many jobs, and this course will definitely increase my competitiveness in the job market.

Ellen L.

I would recommend the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course to anyone who wants to improve efficiency at work with Excel. What we’ve learned from class is sufficient for most Excel user. We only need the most important 20% of the Excel knowledge, which can help us with 80% of our daily tasks. No one wants to spend tones of time self-studying the functions he/she doesn’t even know when and how to apply to the daily work. Also, the real life data examples carefully prepared by the instructor allow students to practice and enhance skills taught in class.

Jean O.

With what I learned from this course, it saved me a lot of time preparing monthly analyses and reports in my work; it also benefits my personal financial and investment decision.

Jessie Z.

I needed to improve my Excel skill for my job hunting in accounting area because all the job agencies require Excel test. The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is very practical, and the course instructor has solid business background in using Excel. It is a shortcut for me to learn advanced Excel function.

The course helped to booster my Excel skills, and also I got to know using lots of shortcut key which is really cool. I had more confident in my interview and got a job offer recently. The instructor is a very nice teacher. He is definitely the best!

Jane Y.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis hands-on course is definitely a very good one, which I was always looking for. Throughout the course l have learned not only lots of useful tricks on how to use functional tools in Excel, but also have the opportunity to practice with the real life data. It is amazing to realize that how powerful Excel is and most people might only use just 10% of the functions that Excel provides. I gained more confidence in how to use Excel, how to use Excel to analyze data and to produce more complex reports.


As a new immigrant, I often think about how I could get a better job and get my work more appreciated by the employer. People told me that you should get yourself outstanding so that your potential employer could not afford to ignore you or not hire you. This sounds encouraging, however how could I achieve this?

Now I am getting the power to be outstanding from the short course – Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis .

Before I started this course in June, I could use Excel to do some sum up calculation. I thought I knew a lot about Excel. Actually, from my first class, I had to concentrate myself on all the skills the instructor passed on to us. I had to go home after work for a nap and then a cup of coffee before I went to class on Wednesday evening and spent a lot of time practicing during the weekend. So far, I have learned Countifs, Sumifs, Date, Vlookup, If(Iserror(Vlookup), concatenate, if, and a lot of keyboard shortcuts. These skills are totally new to me. It is not refreshing my skills, but rather bringing me to a new and higher level.

I really appreciated the instructor sum up his knowledge and share it with us generously. These dollars and learning will bring me much more dollars on my pay cheque in the near future. I joked with myself after my first class: “Buddy, I will be able to make it an easy job and gain more respect from my boss with these skills”. I also thought about how I, with a business management background and worked in an office environment, could have solved some business problems and got more recognized if I had this Super Excel skill before.

I have already talked to my manager for more responsibilities with a higher position because I am confident I will be armed with more skills after I finish this course. I believe I could use the Excel skills to handle more complicated work problem and make my job safer and easier.

Kevin S.

The lessons are very practical and helpful. The skills I learned from your Excel course helps me to get my job done faster and make fewer mistakes. I hope I have taken this course earlier.


The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course covers many complex functions that are very important to make effective and efficient data processing and analyses. The design of the practice worksheets and answer worksheets gives students the opportunity to do the hands-on practice, and to understand the hidden logic of each worksheet. In all, this course is very beneficial for people who need to use the advanced functions of Excel spreadsheet.

Ella Y.

Your Excel course helps me with my reporting project. I used those Excel functions I learned from the course to automate the reporting process, it freed me up from lots of copy/paste lousy work.

Ping L.

I enjoyed every class in the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course, where the instructor shared his experiences, knowledge and skills with us. He prepared large volumes of real life Excel cases with practice and answer files. I would say this is really a high quality and professional course. It opened a window and let me know how amazing it is if one acquires the super Excel skills. It will be very helpful to advance my career.

Lanie Z.

I work in logistics field where I have to deal with large volume of data every day. It made me crazy. So I decided to find a way to help me in my work. After some research, I chose to take Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course in May 2009, which did bring me a lot of skills and experience that I really need in my work. In this course I learned many functions and ways to combine them to calculate and analyze data more effectively and efficiently. I started to enjoy Excel after I learned functions like vlookup, hlookup, if, countifs, and sumifs.

In my opinion, in this short course the instructor brought us lots of very practical Excel functions and skills that are most used and needed at work. I appreciate the efforts that the instructor put into this course, which boosted my Excel skills.


The Super Excel training helped me to gain the necessary skills required for the efficient use of the Excel tool and other exciting features. It made me feeling smarter in dealing with my reports and statistics. I had basic Excel skills before, but only after taking the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course, I realized how powerful Microsoft Excel is. The instructor used real life business scenario to present each advanced function, which made it very practical and effective.

Susan S.

I work for a large pharmaceutical distributor. One year ago, I had no clue of the Excel functions. I found we were frequently required to do large volume data entry, calculation, and analysis; and mostly were done kind of manually with lots of errors given the complexity and volume of the data. Since then, I attempted to learn more by searching Excel solutions from online forum. I did find certain functions and their usage, and established some models, which solved the problems I had at work, saved time and improved accuracy. I felt kind of like an expert, but in reality, I did not really understand the principles of those functions and formula except just doing copy and paste from online forums.

After taking your Excel course, I finally got a complete and thorough understanding of those functions, and realized the models I built at work can be done in much simpler way if incorporating the methods the instructor taught us. I also found many other Excel work we’ve been doing every day, can be improved dramatically. Inspired by the instructor, I built 17 models in one month for our company to use. So far the models have been performing very well, brought great convenience and efficiency for company operation, logistics, administration and various area; during the same time, my job has also been adjusted to performing inventory analysis rather than previous clerical work.

My experience is that self-studying Excel takes long time, lacks directions, waste a lot of time, and not really achieving much; however learning from a practical Excel expert can save lots of time, dramatically shorten learning curve, expand horizon, and raise my Excel skills to a level that I would have not been able to achieve.

Bruce S.

My job is managing inventory. I use Excel a lot in daily work. I’ve borrowed books from library; downloaded Excel related books from the internet. In order to improve my Excel skills, I’ve been spending tons of time studying it. The result is not satisfactory. I’ve learned a lot of functions and known their arguments. It seems that I know them completely. But I do not have a clue how to use them. When I met with some situations, I had no idea how to solve them using Excel. After taking this course, the most important learning is that I got the CLUES. I know the correct procedure to get the problem solved. I know how to combine different functions to form nested formula and models; how to make my daily report more professional and much easier for the manager to review and use; how to analyze the data to get the useful information, and so on. My manager calls me “Excel expert”, and “thank you for your help. You are great.” from my colleagues makes me feel good. I really appreciate what the instructor has done.

Jing L.

The instructor is a very nice and knowledgeable teacher. He is very patient in answering students’ questions and teaches you the features and functions of Excel step by step to help me understand it. I use Excel a lot at work to do analyses and reconciliations. The knowledge and skills I learned from this course will benefit me not only at my current job but also for my future career. I really appreciate his great help. Thanks a lot!

Maggie L.

I thought I knew how to use Excel very well until one day I had an opportunity to work with one of my colleagues in solving an issue by using Excel. In front of me, he has done an Excel job in a second, which I used to spend more than five minutes each day. How can he do that? Life is unfair!!! I wanted to be as good as him. Fortunately, I attended the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course, which led me into a brand new Excel world. What I like most is to use keyboard shortcuts, which makes me VERY quick with Excel. I’ve also learned a lot of useful functions which I found them difficult when I tried to learn from books. It is definitely a “shortcut” to learn Excel by attending Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course!

Helena G.

I have changed my job three weeks ago. Now I am working as a financial analyst for a telecom company. To be honest, I didn’t expect the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course would help me so much when I decided to take it. But it actually helped to advance my career from Customer Data Analyst to Financial analyst position which requires more financial modeling skills and logical thinking.

Before taking this course, I thought I had expert level Excel skills but I was totally stunned in the classes. He taught me not only many high-level Excel functions & sophisticated formula, but he also showed me how to combine them together to make complicated modeling easy and automated. The amazing thing is that I found my logical thinking and problem solving skills has also improved after this course. My two managers all expressed that they were impressed by how quickly I complete financial modeling and reporting by using strong Excel skills.

Flora A.

I work at a public accounting firm in Toronto, and I am planning to get a job at a large company in Mississauga where I live. Based on my research accounting professionals in smaller companies get paid much less than those in larger companies, and in large companies they required very advanced Excel skills for data analysis and reporting, so I took the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course to upgrade my Excel skills. In this course, two things really impressed me: first, the availability of the practice files and answer files for students really helped me in transferring instructor’s knowledge to my own skills; second, the teaching of logic thinking is very helpful to figure out a way to deal with complicated situations by combining and nesting functions and features, which I had no idea before.

James L.

This course provided me a great opportunity to learn Excel. It’s not only understanding and practicing Excel functions but also the logic thinking really made great difference. It is a very enjoyable course and I wish I had taken this course earlier.

Helen W.

Your Excel course helped me improving the efficiency in daily work as a purchasing manager. Due to dynamic fluctuation of commodity index, we need to update supplier’s price table quite frequently. With the knowledge and skills learned from this course, I was able to successfully update data in our ERP system in the least time with the highest accuracy rate.

Julia L.

This course has helped me saving much time in processing financial data. Particularly I would like to mention the business forecasting skills I learned from this course – they are extremely useful and have assisted me in performing financial projection/analysis more efficiently than I used to.

Allan S.

I really enjoyed the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course. All the knowledge and skills are based on the instructor’s real work experience, which enabled my full comprehension of combining functions together to come up with powerful and effective solutions. My most important learning is, the way of thinking – logical thinking to solve the problems. As a new immigrant, this course not only provided the technical skills but also it boosted my confidence.

Ken C.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course caught me at a time when I was considering a career change to become a financial analyst. Aside from some important financial certificates which I have already acquired, advanced Excel skill seems to be an essential requirement from many potential employers. Although my prior Excel skill was only at about entry level, the instructor made it so easy so that I had no problem understanding each and every lesson. I was particularly interested in his scenario-based teaching method, whereas every essential Excel skill is well explained through actual work-related cases – Well done!”

Raymond L.

This course has helped me sharpening my Excel skills and I have learned new concepts as well. The instructor is an excellent teacher with deep knowledge of Excel and always made the class aware of real life scenarios at work. I would recommend this course to everyone.

Gurtej A.

I’m a university student majoring in supply chain management. My friends and I shared this summer experience, I found what I learned from your Excel course is so much more than most of my friends who learned from their interns.

Your course is really helpful to me. Your spreadsheet models helped me a lot every time when I encountered complicated supply chain problems. Further more, without taking your course this summer, it must be impossible for me to do my work in the supply chain audit group in my school. I highly recommend the Super Excel courses.

Yuchen L.

It is the one course you shall take if you really want the Excel tool dramatically improve your work efficiency. I only wish I had attended this course years ago as I’ve learned so much more from this course than 10 years of working with Excel by myself. I would recommend it to everyone, no doubt.

W.L. Yang

I am an accountant and I recently got my CGA and I want to upgrade my career and I know Excel skill is extremely important in finding a senior position. The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is really a good course where I learned many useful functions which now I use everyday in my new position. I would like to express my appreciation and thanks for your hard work and great effort in teaching us.

Stanley Y.

I once borrowed three books at a time from libraries to learn Excel. After few hours study I was bored and lost. The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course teaches practical real world cases. It is interesting, efficient and can’t be found in any textbook. It made my life much easier at work; made my worksheet looking more professional and let me gain more confidence. Most importantly, the instructor is the kindest and most responsible instructor I’ve ever met.

Francis Z.

Thank you for bringing this course to us, which is exactly what I wanted to learn. I realized how powerful a tool Microsoft Excel is after taking the course. I used to spend a lot of time to only focus on studying all kinds of accounting software and ignored Excel, after I became a financial assistant, I noticed that they use Excel a lot and I didn’t even have the very basic knowledge and skills like write and edit a function to perform some calculations. I had to ask my colleagues again and again. Now I am so glad that I have mastered a lot of the very useful and practical Excel knowledge and skills.

Amy Z.

After finishing your Excel course, I applied part of the Excel skills learned in the class to my work, it saved me a lot of time on my work, and I have become much more efficient than before. The knowledge and skills the instructor teaches in this course are from his practical work experience of many years. All skills we learned could and will be applied in work directly. …

Ming H.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is a very productive and valuable course I have taken in Toronto because of the excellent and responsible teaching from the instructor. I took it with the purpose to enhance my Excel skills and it did make such a difference. I passed the Robert Half Excel test with a satisfactory score and now I am much more confident when being asked those technical questions about the Excel functions during interview.

Crystal L.

Personally I felt the Excel files provided are very helpful. They are concise and easy to learn. You are a nice teacher and very patient to the students.

W.M. Hu

I found your Excel course very valuable. It gave me an edge in my current job. This course not only made me proficient in using Excel but also gave me confidence to solve new problems using newly acquired Excel knowledge and skills.

The Instructor’s super knowledge of Excel and its practical use is invaluable. His passion and genuine interest in students is commendable. Analytical skill is required in almost all good jobs……Anyone interested in career growth must take Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course – a definite growth in your analytical skills.

Bharat V.

First of all, I would like to express my appreciation for your wonderful Excel course. I can feel every case is extracted from real world and has been elaborately designed and organized. I have learned not only advanced Excel skills but also valuable business logical thinking. Now, I can confidently say I am an Excel expert and my Excel skills will bring me and my job to a higher level. I have now added the new acquired Excel skill onto my resume.

Iliana L.

As a Financial Analyst of an online company, those advanced skills I learned from your course helped me to produce the financial reports and analyze the massive data more effectively and efficiently. I also have more confidence to take new projects that offer challenges.

Anne C.

I found your Excel course very useful. It has improved my skills and efficiency when working with Excel. The result is I’m a more productive employee at my company. You did an excellent job teaching the course. Your real life business examples made the understanding of using Excel in the work environment that much easier.

Charlie J.

Before taking the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course, I thought that Excel was just about ”Open a new workbook and sum a column”, now I see myself producing a report in just few minutes instead of the days it took before. Super Excel gave me the power to improve my work efficiency and frees me up to do other things. In addition, Excel is an integral part of my accounting career. I practiced the “magic skills” from this course and got prepared for a new and more senior accounting position. Super Excel has helped my career. I also appreciated your genuine interests in students’ thoughts, feelings and opinions.

Julie W. CGA

I work in a warehouse environment, and use Excel every day. It is one of my goals to be effective and efficient in Excel data processing. Luckily I did find the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course, and have learned so much in a very short time frame, and many of those complicated work have now become easy thanks to the Super Excel skills, this has dramatically boosted my confidence. The whole course was designed very well; it led students step by step from basic level to the super advanced level easily. The instructor is very professional and very patient, I really enjoyed every class.

Hillary Q.

I used to spend a lot of money hiring a software company to write automated Excel spreadsheets calculation involving the use of Macro for my business. After taking the Super Excel course, I found that I can do it myself in just a few minutes. Not only have I learned the most useful functions from the class, I have also picked up ideas of how to structure logics and put together a variety of functions and formulas to process the data. Thanks a lot.

Wayne Y.

I was amazed that I learned so much from Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis Course in just few short weeks. This course was beyond my expectation. The instructor prepared real business case based on his experience, it was easy to understand and relate to the real work problem solving. He was also very patient to listen and answer all the questions.

As a Senior Buyer, some of the important responsibilities in my daily job are to forecast, to plan materials to come in at the right quantity, right time. I need to do all types of analyses with lots of data. After completing the course, I was much more efficient in creating reports, comparing data. I used lots of functions in my reports and planning, got the right results by using less than half of the time.

Sherry C.

I found the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course to be very helpful to learn skills and shortcuts which have greatly improved my productivity. While most Excel courses tend to adopt a generalist approach and waste a lot of time discussing things you already know, this course focuses directly on ways to transform you from an average user of Excel to an expert. The topics are chosen based on the instructor’s vast work experience and therefore very relevant to most data handling professionals.

Jose M.

As an accountant, Excel is always my top tool to generate tables or spreadsheets for daily use. But without any sort of data processing and analysis, they are just raw data, without life. Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course uncovered the true power of Excel; it brought life to those raw data and made tables “talk”. Now I can use my “Super” Excel skills to generate more useful financial analyses/reports than what I can do in Quickbooks.

Katherine X.

I would highly recommend the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course to anyone that uses Excel frequently. The course was practical and the instructor is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I found every minute of the course relevant to my job, and I saw vast improvements in my performance even after the very first class. The course has saved me a lot of time as I have learnt to automate many functions and processes allowing me to focus on more complex and high level issues. At my job, I am often the go to person for providing reports to various departments for many different uses – Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course gave me the confidence to work with large volumes of raw data and analyze the data in multiple ways. Also, all my Excel models and worksheets look more professional as a result of the many tips and best practices taught by the instructor. He showed a lot of patience and a genuine desire to teach and impart his knowledge. It was truly a pleasure to have him as an instructor. Thanks for the great class!

Zun P.

I found the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course extremely beneficial. The advanced shortcuts and functions I have learned have been extremely helpful. It has saved me time and allowed me to perform many tasks with greater ease!


Thank you so much for your wonderful Excel course. It did help on my current purchasing job. Honestly I had no idea how to handle those large volumes of data before taking your course. And now I am able to use the functions and features such as vlookup, sumifs, pivot table etc. that I learned from your class, to solve several business problems in a few minutes which I used to spend a few days. Furthermore, I am very impressed with those cases you taught in the course. They are not only knowledge-based but also very practical as well. I believe everyone who has taken your course would have obtained solutions to solve their business problems because I did it already.

I would say your course is worth of the time and money. I really appreciated your great help and assistance during class practice.

Joanne D.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is excellent, and it has opened a window to me to an enormous amount of useful functions. I have also learned to think about the logic when using the functions. This course is very well designed, the cases selected for the course are very practical. The course has helped me to improve my work efficiency immediately. I appreciated very much the instructor’s effort to make the lectures interesting and easy to understand. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to improve their Excel skills.

Jie Y.

Great course! Very helpful for business analysis. I learned a lot advanced Excel features and functions to improve efficient at my job.

Flora W.

Thank you! Your course is definitely well worth the cost. I must say I was concerned it would not deliver on expectations initially however I am so glad that they readily offered a free demonstration class where I got to meet the instructor. Within minutes of meeting the instructor, any concerns I had dissipated since he happily and effectively addressed all the questions everyone attending had. In fact, throughout the entire course, he worked hard both during the class and after to better ensure the complex concepts were thoroughly explained. He is very approachable, has a great outlook and most importantly extremely knowledgeable. Although the class is three hours a night, he made the time fly by and I looked forward to going each week!

Rae B.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is very impressive. Especially some of the knowledge and skills the instructor taught in the class cannot be found in the Excel books because they are from his own practices and experiences. The instructor also helped me to solve problems in the classes and some Excel problem in my work. Frankly, I don’t understand some of the complicated formula in the course; I still think the course is worth taking. I believe it will be very helpful to my career.

Gary C.

When I joined this course I considered myself an advanced user of Excel, still I learnt more effective and efficient ways of doing things in Excel with shortcuts and new functions. Excel is a very powerful tool and this course gives an idea and understanding on how to use Excel in a more structured manner to save time and get the results you seek.


The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course was presented in an easy to understand format. The instructor took time to explain the process for using Excel as a business tool instead of using ledger paper and a calculator. One of the advantages is the use of key strokes instead of the mouse. Becoming familiar with Excel shortcuts transcends any version of Microsoft Excel as key strokes are available in any version of Excel. The skills you acquire will make you familiar with time saving processes that Excel can support. It all comes down to a matter of practice. The more you use Excel, the better quality of work you will produce and may even lead to greater job responsibilities. The instructor was very helpful and was willing to assist answering questions. The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course and the instructor get an A+.

Brian H.

In teaching this Excel course, the instructor endeavours to bring real business world and practical Excel applications. This is a departure from most other Excel courses taught in conventional methods. More importantly, I found the instructor to be a committed instructor who takes a keen interest on what he teaches and imparts the best he got.

Upul A.

Before I took your course, I thought I had known a lot about Excel. After the first class, I realized that I only knew the tip of an iceberg. I felt so embarrassed for myself. After finishing the course, I believe that what you have taught will definitely improve the productivity of someone who uses Excel a lot at work.

Betty Z.

The keyboard shortcuts helped me a lot… I didn’t know much of them before.

Cristina F.

This course teaches how to use Excel to its potential, how to refine the processes and take the manual effort out of data processing. Time previously used for crunching numbers is now available to add value to the data analysis and application of the results in the workplace. If you enjoy spreadsheets you will enjoy this course. It was a great course! I feel quite inspired!

Lindsay B.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is very helpful and practical. The lessons are well organized, with real examples and many practical cases. Not only did I learn new functions and skills, but also how to apply them to meet business challenges. Plus, the instructor is very nice, patient, and knowledgeable. I really appreciate his great help and would recommend this course to everyone.

Jason R.

Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course provides hands on training using real world scenarios. I found solutions from the most basic to the highly advanced issues that I could encounter. This intense course enabled me to apply all that I have learned in any and all situations that I come across in my professional career. And the fact that the trainers are available to you even after you complete the class is an added bonus. If Excel is required in your career, I’d highly recommend taking this course.


I recommend the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course to anyone who seeks more than average level of knowledge and skills in Excel. It is very practical – techniques taught can be used in work environment right away.

Jie C.

This is a very intensive, high quality course which allowed me to acquire new skills that I would not learn in a conventional advanced Excel course. I have learned to use various features and functions to be more efficient in reporting and analysis and get the job done in a fast way. This course is amazing and brought me to a new level of strategically thinking in order to perform professionally. It is an incredible course must be taken if you want to excel and master “Excel” proficiently in analyzing and getting results quickly. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to further develop their skills to be an Excel Super hero.

Sonya R.

Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis is a great course. It teaches not only fundamentals of Excel functions and formula, but also touches on complicated and/or not so commonly used but extremely useful formula and business planning models. It suits people with various Excel skills. This course helped me improving my work efficiency, analysis accuracy as well as capability of building models for business needs. I highly recommend this course.

Vivian T.

I took the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course after graduating from university and was in the process of looking for a job. I knew I didn’t have the level of Excel skills needed to be able to land the type of position I wanted. I’ve taken from intermediate to advanced level Excel courses and also read an entire excel book, but my practical knowledge just wasn’t where it should have been; and that is when I came across Super Excel. This course didn’t teach me all the things I’ll never use and quickly forget, but the exact knowledge I badly needed to be employable. Over the few weeks period I’ve learned things could have only been able to with years on the job.

We first got familiar with the functions and formulas. Then, we immediately put that knowledge into practice and this immediate implementation part that really makes all the difference. The key is to keep up with the class and practice at home or else the following classes will be harder to comprehend and you’ll not be able to get the most out of the course.

This course eliminated the anxiety I’ve always had about Excel and now I feel confident. It really opened up doors for me that otherwise would have taken me years to open. What’s more, even now that the course is over I still have the instructor’s support because I know I can always ask him for help if I bump into any difficulties. I highly recommend Super Excel to everyone thinking of furthering their Excel skills in one of the most efficient ways possible.

Scharlet I.

I took the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course as I was looking for a job. Those companies always ask these questions like “How is your Excel skill? Which functions and formulas did you use?” The instructor is a great teacher, who uses real cases to teach and also give you the solution that you encountered at work. My Excel skill now has been improved dramatically. I strongly recommend you to take the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course and improve your skills. Real Case. Real Experience. Real Help.

Ivan D.

The extremely knowledgeable instructor used real-life examples to illustrate that simple functions can be combined to form extremely useful and time saving mechanisms to quickly solve seemingly complex problems. This course has really turned my way of thinking into discovering new and flexible ways to manipulate large amounts of data and to extract the information that I need quickly. An exceptional course by an exceptional instructor!

Jennifer K.

It has been a very valuable learning experience. It provided many useful skills in a well-structured manner. The instructor is a friendly, knowledgeable and helpful teacher.


Before taking this course, I was already using Excel to a certain extent. I had my doubt if this class would be a value-add, but the instructor proved to me that it is beneficial to my work. After this course, I further automated the company’s transfer pricing model, so the manual maintenance dropped to almost zero. This course also served like an eye opener for me. It exposed me to many functions as well as a brand new way of thinking. The instructor’s personality and attitude also made the classes very pleasant experiences. Thank you, I really appreciate it.


It’s good to be in your class and learned the advanced Excel. The very useful ones for me are the short-cut keys, “if” function, “countifs” function, “Min” function, “sumifs” function and etc. The things you taught in the classes are very practical. I can use them in my work.

Jackie Z.

I am in the field of marketing. Part of my job is to use Excel to analyze large amount of data for forecast, reports, supply chain management. Before I took the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course, I used to conduct analysis. It often took me 8-10 hours to go through a set of data. This made my work seem extremely inefficient. However, since the 3rd class, I was able to use IF, SUMIFS, VLOOKUP, PIVOT TABLE and numerous other functions to help with my analysis. This literally shortened my work time by 90%. What used to take me 8-10 hours would now take me no more than 1 hour. In contrary to the past, now I find myself having too much time on my hands. I would recommend Super Excel to anyone in the field of business, research, or any other data-analysis required jobs.

Will C.

Your Excel course not only helped me improving my work efficiency but also led me to the way that I could create different kinds of complicated reports that I could not do before. I think everyone who does a supply chain job should not miss it.

Sunny C.

I enjoyed your class. The way you teach is clear and efficient. It is very helpful in my workplace.

Michelle S.

The course has been very helpful. I’ve learned many great tools from it, which has helped me in my current role with my employer. The instructor is quite knowledgeable and very patient and offer assistance to students across all levels.

Jane Y.

I never thought Excel could do so complicated things so quickly before, but after I attended the free first class, my view has been changed, and I was attracted by the skills, knowledge, and humors you shared with us throughout the class. Within few weeks I have learned so many super Excel skills. That is amazing. Thanks for your wonderful teaching and dedication. I really enjoyed this course and will definitely recommend the good course to my friends.

Amanda L.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course was incredible in helping me understand the structure and logic behind Excel formulas. As a result, it has been easy for me to find ways in my professional life to apply lessons learned and perform work in a much more efficient way. Not only did it help with my productivity, I have also been able to apply the lessons in more innovative ways to improve processes. An excellent course well worth the money.

Kristin C.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is very helpful and very practical, I felt lucky that I found this course, I will certainly recommend it to my friends and my co-workers. I’m amazed how much I learned from each class of this course. You’re a talented and very nice instructor, always patiently answers questions. The classes are well-organized, and real life examples and cases are being used to demonstrate how the Excel functions can be applied and combined to achieve what we need. My Excel has been advanced to very advanced level after taking the course, and I work more efficiently now. I feel that this Excel course is excellent learning opportunity for intermediate to advanced Excel users.

Laura Y.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course was exactly what I needed. The course is thoroughly prepared and extremely helpful. The best things that I learnt from this class are vlookup, if, index, and conditional formatting. Although I use them in the past few years, the instructor helped me to understand them more. I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made!

Tracy L.

It has been a very valuable learning experience. It provided many useful skills in a well-structured manner. You are a friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful instructor.

George L.

I attended the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course in October 2011. I would highly recommend this course to people who want to improve Excel skills in a short period. The classes are well organized. Students can effectively learn Excel essential operation, functions, and analysis tools through in-class lectures and hands-on computer practices, and students can also reinforce learning through after-class practices and detailed answers provided in the materials. In addition, as the instructor, you are very knowledgeable and patient. Since I missed first class, I had some difficulties to keep up with the lectures at very beginning but you were still very patient to help me to add missing knowledge points during breaks and after class. I also noticed that you were always patient to answer questions that students brought into the class from their work. Thanks for your hard work and kind helps.

Hans S.

I am very lucky that I attended your course. It not only improved my data analysis skills but also broadened my expectation on Excel. I realized it could provide much more than what I expected before. I have applied some of the skills I learned from you into my daily work; my employer was very pleased with the outcome of my study. I owe you a big THANK YOU!

Judy Z.

I have heard about the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course from my friend long time ago, finally, I got time to take this course. I have to say this course is very worth to take. It is well organized. You will not be overwhelmed with lots of formulas and theories, instead you get chance to play with the sample data to understand what you learn from the class. As for the instructor, I have to say he is a very nice and strict teacher I have ever seen; he is very professional, and very patient to answer all the questions. He runs this course in very professional way. The more important and valuable thing is you will learn something you cannot get from the books, it is from his experience, from the way how he dealt with these huge data. After taking this course, I felt so confident with my super Excel skills. Thank you!

Go Super Excel Go!

Carys S.

When I signed up for the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course I did not know how far this course will help me. I must say the course has indeed broadened my horizon in every aspect of Excel. For the first time I learned not to use the mouse instead to use the keyboard to perform numerous functions. As a result of taking this course I would recommend anyone to upgrade their excel skills in order to achieve new heights.

Gerard S.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is very helpful. I knew some of these functions, but I never thought that we could use them like the way you showed us. It will ease my workload for sure, especially at the year-end since we are doing our inventory and depreciation at this time.

Li Y.

Your Excel course was well done. Thank you for putting a lot effort to it and it is very helpful in my daily work. I will introduce your course to my friends and colleagues.

Elaine S.

After taking the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course, I am very confident to do data analysis based on accounting records. For a long time I was always thinking about how to pick up the useful functions of Excel from so many functions Excel provided. This course deals with this problem, since it is based on the instructor’s rich work experience. Of course we should remember to keep practicing because practices makes perfect.

Adeline L.

I am a data analyst; Excel is one of the main tools for performing data analysis. How to improve the efficiency of data processing is always an important thing for me. This course enabled me gaining a new understanding in using Excel and a lot of skills and knowledge that helped me managing and analyzing data more effectively. I once felt many formulas were so complex in Excel, but you showed us how to handle those formulas in an easy way that makes them so simple to me now.

Jack C.

As an accountant who graduated from a generation where computer application was not even in the curriculum, I find the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course as my bridge to fill the gap. The formula and shortcuts I learned from this course added confidence to myself especially in performing my responsibilities in leading my team.

Janet Y.

I am an Inventory Planner; I need to use Excel for lots of analysis related to purchasing and production scheduling. Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis just provided me the most efficient way to perform on my job. This course has summarized the most useful Excel functions for us, using those functions really saved me lots of time at work. Besides, it also broadened my horizon on other effective analysis methods.

Jennifer Z.

I am a research analyst and use Excel on a daily basis. The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course exposed me to improved ways of doing existing functions and also gave me additional ideas on ways Excel can be used. The instructor was excellent. He was very knowledgeable, pleasant, and extremely approachable. He made himself accessible to the students to answer questions both in and out of the classroom. The opportunity to repeat classes within the first year is an added bonus as it sometimes difficult to absorb everything initially. I am very pleased I took this course and would recommend it to others.

Paula R.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course has definitely helped me. At work I sort through and arrange large data sets, my process used to take days. With the help of Super Excel I am now able to complete this amount of work in a number of hours. This course breaks Excel down into easy to grasp units covering the main and important functions of Excel.

Marc C.

When I joined this course I just had some basic knowledge of Excel but my work required me to use a lot of Excel. Completing this course made me much more productive at work by using Excel in an efficient manner. The instructor teaches you how to get the best possible results in the shortest amount of time. I highly recommend this course.

Asama A.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course blew my expectations away from the very first class. Spreadsheets that used to take me several hours to complete I can now finish in a matter of minutes. This course has already paid for itself in the amount of time it has saved me.

Chris R.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course teaches students how to put Excel’s power to work. The instructor’s focus on business examples makes it easy to see how to apply the techniques he teaches when you get back to the office. He is also friendly and open to assisting students as they work their way through complex functions.

Business Analyst at BMO

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course has been a door opener for me. For quite some time, I’ve been trying to get a specific position on the job market but I was unable to since I knew I did not meet the advanced Excel skills requirement. Since I completed this course I’m finally moving ahead with the job interviews and I’ so glad!

Marie A.

Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis was the course that brought my skills to the next level. The basic and intermediate Excel courses I had previously taken can’t compare. I would dare to guess that even the advanced Excel course does not cover a lot of material that your course does. Easy to understand and able to apply at work in practical applications. A must for any business professional!!

Don G.

I’m writing to thank you for the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course. This course really helped me to understand the concept, logic and the capabilities of Excel very well. I’m really amazed at how much we could do with Excel. The instructions were very clear and very easy to follow. You’re a very knowledgeable and dedicated instructor.

I’m really glad I took this course because it has helped me a lot with my work. I would be very glad to recommend this course to anyone who needs training in Excel.

Raj P.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is really helpful for me. I read Excel books before, got some ideas about how to apply it in textbook cases. But that’s not good enough for real cases in business. The best part of your course is that the examples are real business task that I might come across in my job. Also, the functions/formulas you taught are very practical and saved me tons of time from reading 2-inch thick books.

Andy C.

Want to be a Master of Excel? Come here, the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course instructor will help to make your dream come true! I work in finance area. From my own experience, an advanced Excel skill is a MUST if you pursue senior position. After completing this course, I am more than confident to say, “Yes, I do”.

Hong L.

This course is very practical. It is well designed with lot of cases and answer sheets. The answer sheets make it very easy for me to review and practise. After taking this course, I gained a lot of confidence. This course is beneficial for anyone who wants to improve Excel skills.

Lily C.

Your course is wonderful, actually I started to use some functions in my job, which improved my efficiency in handling my weekly inventory report. I am sure I will start to use some other functions quite soon, which will help me to make accurate and amazing spreadsheet, surely a surprise to my colleagues. Thanks for walking me through this course; it is really a super powerful Excel skill.

Michael C.

As an engineer I can say that EXCEL is an inseparable part of the professional activity. The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course helped me to improve my EXCEL skills and the logical way of approaching problems. Therefore and unquestionable I can say it gave me confidence and basically … I work easier. After this course I have started to use the keyboard shortcuts, most important functions or macro to ease my work and increase the level of efficiency and work speed. The instructor is an excellent teacher and shows an enviable professionalism. Definitely, I highly recommend Super EXCEL course to anyone who uses EXCEL in the workplace or in daily life or anyone who wishes to use EXCEL at the professional level.

Sorin C.

Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is excellent. I learnt lot of tricks while doing the course. In the beginning it seemed overwhelming, but with practice I now add, delete rows and columns without using mouse. I use all the formulas without using formula tab. It’s worth the money spent.

Akshu B.

Working as a CSSBB (six sigma black belt) in a major global company, I can’t avoid utilizing MS Excel as part of my daily jobs, whether doing data analysis prior to summarizing the overall picture of processes output, or providing custom-made control platforms to internal departments as the tool in optimizing the way of running business. The stronger the skill level that I have in MS Excel, the more comfortable my confidence is in dealing with the difficulties in the competitive working environment.

Having said these above, I would like to say that taking the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course has really been a bonus that I just added on top of what I had with Excel this year. This course has advanced my Excel skill and knowledge to a new level that I probably never thought of before. So I would like to express my deep-in-heart thanks to the diligent work that you’ve brought to the table for all the students. I would be more than happy to recommend this course to my friends who are also interested in this field.

Frank L.

First of all, I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to help me going through all class contents, and you have been so patient and understanding. As a Chemist, I always create some formula for my work in the Excel spreadsheet. Before I took this class I could only edit formula manually, and I had to change one by one to make it work. Now I can edit my formula by connecting different Excel files, and I started making my life easier with the skills I have learned.

Wendy Z.

Before taking the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course, I used Excel for 6 years and just knowing the basics. From work perspective, looking at other peoples Excel formulas freaked me out, how did they do that? This course taught me these secrets and more. The classes are concise, to the point, addressing excellent business examples and the instructor is very patient. Those Excel reports at work no longer freak me out but intrigue me more on how I can improve them with my new skills.

Kevin R.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course has helped me a lot in producing reports in my department in a better and quicker way because of using the basic formulas like Vlookup and If functions.

Also it has helped me to automate few processes in my department which has improved the department’s functioning. I can now download data from various systems and reconcile the data in a quicker way as opposed to manual reconciliation done earlier.

I will refer this course to my friends so that they can take advantage of this course and Excel in their work.

Arvind M.

I have always wanted to bring my Excel skills to the next level as my work required me to use this program on a daily basis. I have struggled with complex Excel files (e.g. reading formulas, manipulating data, keyboard functions, etc.) and knew there had to be a more efficient way of using the program. After taking this course, it not only opened my eyes to a higher level of efficiency but it also provided me with the confidence to use the best approach in order to get things done. I commend our instructor for his great style of teaching; he always made sure everyone understood what the concept was and was patient with everyone during the practice sessions. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to take their Excel skills to the next level.

Aldrick B.

I highly recommend the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course to anyone who works on Excel on a daily basis and especially to people working in Finance/Accounting. The classes were great workshops for practicing and learning useful tools on Excel that I didn’t know even though I have been using Excel on a daily basis for over 5 years. What is extremely great with this course is that, they come with Practice Workbooks that also contain the answers, so they are perfect for reference anytime in the future.

Tara F.

I really enjoyed the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course. The curriculum is carefully designed to give you a useful set of skills from the very first class. The three hours fly by as the material is so interesting and thought provoking, you’d think “3 hours of Excel would put you to sleep, but it just doesn’t” and I was able to use the new skills immediately at work the following day. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to raise the bar on their Excel abilities, having the Excel functions explained to me using real life examples, helps me to solve problem and create queries that will provide the necessary outputs – this course is invaluable and he is a great instructor.

Kim P.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course has been a great help to me in getting some formal training on some of the more common uses of Excel in the corporate world.

I am an analyst by trade and had only self-taught myself, but with the instructor’s examples focusing on those functions that are actually used on a daily basis as oppose to the countless Excel has really helped me to develop my knowledge to be able to share with my peers at work. The keyboard short-cuts have helped me to efficiently use Excel as well. I had been intimidated with the use of absolute reference, never really understanding when using Vlookup, but instructor’s simple examples really helped to develop my confidence. I would recommend this course to anyone using Excel, from a basic user to advanced.

Arif P.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course has been a real life saver from the job perspective, though I have known all the basic functions in Excel, Super Excel has taught me how to speeding up my analyses, and shown me the important functions required to complete my task at hand, be it making a Pivot Table or organising a set of numbers, or making a rolling forecast, Super Excel is surely the way to go. Please keep up the good work!

Zac P.

Your course was the best course I’ve had, and I’ve taken a few! Steve is very approachable, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He explains complex ideas in a clear understandable way. I will definitely be taking the other levels of the Excel courses with Steve.

Charles N.

I always admired other co-workers’ Excel skills such as creating a model in Excel but could not reach their levels with my own effort. I was familiar with most of the individual functions listed in the course outline but did not know how to combine them together effectively. After taking the Super Excel course, now it takes me less time to predict the sales and create production plans with high accuracy. I realized the skills I just have learned accounting for 80% of the value that makes me a real Super Excel hero being able to process a large amount of the data and manipulate the text data to the format I prefer to. I would like to say that the in-depth formulas combinations, tailor-made examples, and plus a great teacher make this course suit for any Data Analyst who wants to be an advanced Excel user.

Lucy Z.

I definitely learned a great deal of new skills in Excel that I never knew before. The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course has helped me learning how to make data more presentable by using pivot tables, conditional formatting, various formulas etc. I’m happy to be able to expand my knowledge of ‘IF’ statements and the course really helped me understanding the logic behind the formula by breaking it up into small parts. You are a great instructor who knows how to break down the material and present it in a way that makes sense and you really know your stuff!

Diana M.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a couple of words about the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course I’ve just completed.

I work as an inventory analyst for one of the Canada’s biggest retailer and every day I have to process a huge amount of data.

Before taking this course I had to spend a lot of time for data processing and ask my colleagues many questions about how to apply vlookup formula in some particular cases and when I came across another situation I also had to bug somebody with a question, for instance, how to apply sumifs formula if I needed to sum and find a proper transportation cost for our shipments and etc.

After completing this course, I started feeling very confident and can do any text formatting and apply any logical formula without any problem. This course is absolutely amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who is working with numbers.

Also, I’d like to mention that the instructor is very professional and knowledgeable. He is willing to answer any question and even spend some time after the class to explain material as long as it’s needed for student’s full understanding.

Larisa T.

I enjoyed the course a lot. I have quickly grasped the essence of Excel functions in a very fast and efficient way. It really saved me from navigating through those tedious text books and saved me lots of time! Thank you very much. I will definitely refer to my friends or colleagues if they are interested in enhancing their Excel skills.

Song L.

I am currently a student at Ryerson University and I took this course, independently, to help prepare for my future career. This course was very helpful, due to the fact that, it has broadened my understanding of the Excel functions and has helped me to process data in a more fast and efficient way.

Sandrine F.

I use Excel every day. I thought my Excel skills were pretty good. However when I need to use Excel to do large volume data analysis or create a report, I spent hours and hours on one workbook, but could not get the result I need. After taking this course, my eyes opened. I learned how to use various Excel features and functions to solve complex problem. My work productivity is dramatically increased. After completing this course, I feel much confident in using Excel skills at work.

Shelly S.

I recently changed positions at my company and now use Excel on a daily basis. I was looking for a course to help me improving my Excel skills. The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course helped me using Excel to do my job more efficiently. I like that the course was fast paced and that it focused on practical ways to improve work performance using Excel. The instructor is a great teacher and I would recommend this course to anyone who uses Excel on a regular basis.

Alex C.

This Course was extremely helpful. I liked the focus on formulas and using them in practical scenarios.

Manvir G.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is amazing! Not only I am comfortable using Excel now, but I am also confident. I definitely recommend it to everyone. What took me a few days to do in the past, now it takes me only a couple of hours. This is a great course!

Shazmin W.

Working in the business development (BD) department, my responsibility is not only in the BD part, but also in the account management, which can be very challenging if you don’t have a right tool and logical concept to establish the database from the beginning and run data analysis later on. I need to know the full picture of every account’s status at any time, run the marketing analysis, follow up the payment and shipment schedules and etc. What I have learned from the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course can not only provide all the tools and knowledge to make my life much easier but also make me think how to build the database logically from the beginning. I showed our senior accountant on how to use “sumifs” to generate a sales report in 2 minutes; he was very surprised but also confused by the formula, as it normally takes him at least half an hour. I also use Excel for a lot of other purposes, I found that now I can learn much more by myself with the foundation of knowledge I have learned from the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course.

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us, it is very valuable and helpful. I believe I will benefit not only from what you have taught but also the ones you didn’t talk about – the most important is to apply the similar logic to other functions. There is a saying that the more important is not what you have learned but is how to learn in the future.

Elaine Z.

I found the course very useful. It covers a lot of ground and some of the tips and features revealed by the instructor enable you to get much more out of Excel.

Rusi U.

I was happy to learn how to use the keyboard shortcuts instead of using a mouse. The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course provides real examples with many different business models for practical learning. This course helped me to understand how to improve my work efficiency, build my own business reports, and it enabled me on how to do proper data analysis. Thank you to our great Instructor, who is a very helpful, patient, knowledgeable, and fantastic teacher! Improve your Excel skills with Super Excel!

Angela C.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course provides a wide range of Excel knowledge in a short period of time. However, this large amount of information is easier to handle due to having access to the exercise files completed in class. I found being able to take the exercise files home, and to review them as needed, to be extremely helpful in allowing the lessons sink in further. The lessons are also practical, and go beyond simply explaining, for example, what a formula does; but also how it is applied to actual business problems.

Bryan M.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is one of the most valuable courses I have taken in years. No matter what level you are at in Excel, you can learn new stuff from the knowledgeable and experienced instructor. In this course, not only will you be introduced with shortcuts, formulas or functions, but most importantly, you will learn how to think in a logical way and use Excel differently with more efficiency. Thanks Super Excel!

Jenny Q.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course was very useful, I really enjoyed the fact that you put a lot of personal effort into it and that it was not only cold facts and formulas that you can find in any textbook. It is evident that you worked a lot planning this course, and this is what makes it different. I also liked that fact that although the course covered a lot of material in a relatively short amount of time, it was totally understandable and never boring or tiring. Again, a lot has to do with the way you planned it. Thank you so much for this intuitive experience and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Georgios K.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course offers a “real work” version of Excel – with useful functions, tips and shortcuts. I knew Excel well enough to do my job – but I always felt I could be doing things more efficiently and the Super Excel course has given me that extra bag full of tools to use! It’s a great course for those analyzing marketing research data.

Leslie P.

I really liked the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course as it shows you how many options there are to improve your time and overall results within Excel data. The instructor does a great job explaining and helping you through his examples and is always available for questions.

Tara B.

I was originally skeptical as Excel has been around forever and there are thousands books and courses out there; I decided to try the first class anyway because it was free and it was recommended by a colleague who took the course. I signed up for the full course after the FIRST HOUR. The instructor has really consolidated Excel’s analytical capabilities into a compact course. I may have eventually learned this material using other books and courses but not in the efficient manner that I did with Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course and definitely not as quickly. The skills I gained in this course were critical in helping me obtain a promotion with my current employer.

Kwame B.

I really enjoyed the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course as that was in so much friendly atmosphere. I have been using Excel at my job for more than 10 years but the ideas, tricks and quick commands with lots of combination of multi-layered nested functions/formulas which I learnt from this course were so much informative and fantastic that I could not thought about. Now after completing this course I am practicing on my files at my work and I could work much faster and could use better and quick ways to complete my daily tasks at my job.

Thanks to the instructor for making my work more easier by conducting this SUPER EXCEL course.

Imran T.

Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis is a great Excel course and it enhances your Excel skill to a different level. This course covers almost all the important functions used by financial analyst who wants to analyze large volume data and arrive at the results quickly. The best part is the instructor who is very friendly and experienced in analytical work. This course covers a lot of important topics. Oh yes, key thing is practice…practice …practice and you see your confidence level touches to the new heights and you can be the best in your finance team .

Atul G.

Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is the best education investment I have ever made as it will provide me perpetual benefit through my whole career life. I have developed a new perspective towards the power of “simple” functions and how I can use the nested functions to solve all kinds of practical problems. Recommend it to all new grads and people who want to upgrade their Excel skills to a new level.

Grace J.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is highly intensive; however, the instructor condensed the course material that was easy to understand. The course definitely increased my knowledge and skills in Excel. I now use a lot of the shortcut keys/functions that I was not aware of in the past and helped saving a lot of time.

Caroline L.

The greatest part of the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course, to me, is that it provides a set of logical thinking to solve problem by combining the use of various formulas in the solution. Also, the way you explain the formula is clear and effective.

Peng L.

Even though I use Excel every day at work, my knowledge about it is really limited. The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course actually opened my eyes, and now a lot of accountants, even my boss turned to me for help after I finished this course. I would recommend to anybody who spends a lot time with spreadsheets to take this course.

Jane Y.

I am an accountant, and I use Excel every day. Even though I had no problem to do my regular work, but I still felt I can do better and more efficient. So I took the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course to find the best way to do my job. Some functions I thought I knew before, but in this course I realized I don’t really know how to use them effectively and efficiently. I really like the way in the course showing me how to think logically and systematically to solve my problem and complete my work. Plus I love the keyboard short-cuts; it’s more efficient and faster to do my work.


Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course was very valuable in my career development. I was exposed to formulas & concepts that I need daily – helping me save several hours in a week that I use for other important tasks and analyses.

Tracy L.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis is an excellent course. I learned a lot of short cuts and problem solving skills that I now use in my job as an accountant to finish my tasks in half of the original time. I love that this course was fast paced and so we were able to learn a lot of content in just few weeks. This course is a great investment!

Helen Y.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is such a great addition to your skills. The instructor is amazing, very supportive, encouraging, and addresses questions very clearly. He teaches you not just the formulas, but the logic of how to create them. It also addresses the common mistakes that people usually make while using it, which makes it extremely useful. I was familiar with Excel before taking the course, but became a lot more knowledgeable and efficient after. I am so happy I was able to find such a training course!

Mariya S.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course gives me “headache”. I mean it really gives me headache. In his class, I have to think hard and work hard. There is absolutely no fluffy stuff in his class. He organizes his materials so well; I feel I did not waste any time there. Every hour is worth it. I have attended few other Excel training courses elsewhere. The fundamental difference is: most other courses teach you WHAT is Excel; the Super Excel course teaches you HOW TO USE Excel. I was especially impressed with the thought process the instructor demonstrated in class. He made those formulas alive. Simple formulas can be combined together to solve complex business situations. I had intermediate Excel skills before attending. His course definitely boosted my confidence in Excel.

Janet L.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is fantastic! We learned so much in such a short period. Not only does the instructor walk you through the creation of complex formulas, he explains the logic behind each function, providing real world examples of how you can use them in your everyday work. He’s a wonderful teacher.

I highly recommend Super Excel course to anyone who wants to drastically improve their understanding and use of the advanced features, formulas and functions in Excel.

Linda J.

I work in the purchasing department of a large multinational company. Although I have been using Excel for many years, I still find it tricky and time consuming sometimes to analyze data with Excel. I felt I could not utilize the full power of this software, until I made the right decision to take the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course. The instructor is truly knowledgeable in using Excel and he can make you a master of Excel in his magical way in as short as twelve hours. I bet you will have a lot of aha moments in his class, as you will learn some solutions which reduce significant amount of time in reaching the result you need.

Jeremy Z.

Those 16 Excel practices/answer files were very helpful and I always go back those files for reference. I like your course because its logical and in-depth and not like other course which is scratching the surface.

Ye X.

I really enjoyed learning Excel with the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course. The instructor is extremely organized and I can tell he is very experienced working with Excel. I learned a lot of functions and shortcuts that I never knew existed. In hindsight, I wish I had taken this course a lot earlier than I did because it would have saved me many painful hours of manually processing data. The instructor presents all the materials in an easy to understand format with good practice examples. I would encourage anyone who’s struggling with Excel in school or at work, or just looking to improve their Excel skills to take this course.

Belinda T.

Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is super; super good, super helpful, and super easy. I learned very useful skills from this short course. It saved me a lot of time in report creation. The instructor is very kind, patient, step by step to make the difficult formula very easy to use. I highly recommend this course.

Lisa L.

I thought my Excel skills were good enough for daily work, but after I took this course I realized there are still so many Excel functions I didn’t know or rarely used them. And those are just the functions that can actually improve my analysis work a lot, save me time, and improve my performance. So I strongly recommend people who what to move on to advanced Excel skills to take this course and I am sure it will benefit you. Plus you will have the instructor to answer you more questions even after the class…

Cathy W.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course has really helped me at work. Recently I was asked to pull invoices for approximately 50 orders. I was able to sort out which carriers had delivered which orders. I was then able to reach out to the carriers for the invoices. Using the new learned functions enabled me to perform this task within minutes. It would have taken me hours before. The keyboard shortcuts have also saved me time at work. Overall, this was a very good course. It is already an asset to me, and will continue to be an asset in the future.

Michael S.

The course was fantastic; you did a great job of planning content. We covered a lot of concepts in 4 classes but the practice/answer worksheets really helped. I meant to tell you how impressive it was but by 10:00 p.m. (when the course finishes) I’m exhausted! I would recommend this course to anyone with an intermediate to high level accounting position in order to facilitate analysis and day to day work. It’s years of knowledge conveyed in a short period of time. In addition this course is completely unique from any other Excel course I’ve seen, including college classes and lessons on CDs.

Catherine A.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts you have put into this course. I really appreciated your enthusiasm of teaching and innovative lesson plans you made ahead carefully.

As an accountant I have to use Excel spreadsheet very often. It was really time consuming but not anymore now. After taking this course I now can use the methods you taught us to finish my tasks quickly, my peers were amazed by my performance.

I thank you again for all the wonderful work you have done and wish you all the best for your future endeavours.

Ellen Z.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course was very helpful and practical to my current role. I am more comfortable working with large data sets and being able to articulate clearly the meaning of the information, when presenting to senior management. I am glad to have participated in the training and look forward to learning more.

Emmad K.

Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis training is an excellent program which helped me to save time at work by using Excel shortcuts / Excel knowledge. I will recommend Super Excel training program to my friends and other professionals, particularly those who are seeking job in Accounting and Finance.

Tariq S.

Learning the Super Excel skills is not only to improve the work skills but also can extend the work relationship at the time when helping colleagues solving the issues in 10 minutes that they were stuck for weeks.  Sometimes, knowledge is more powerful than words.

Jacky F.

A comprehensive course which provides an overall Excel knowledge. I was pretty good in Excel but still I learnt a lot of new productive things. THREE words for this course: ONE MUST ENROLL.

Sandeep O.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is definitely a must for anyone who is looking to have a thorough understanding of what Excel can do. After first class, I was able to apply what I had learned to my job. My boss was very impressed. The instructor is very knowledgeable and the course structure is very well designed.

Vivian Y.

The course is great and I’ve learned a lot from it.  The content is practical and applicable to my everyday tasks and your presentation of the material and practice files are a great.  I recommend it to everyone I come in contact with looking for a better understanding of Excel.

Joshua D.

I’ve found this course helps me in my day-to-day activities, big time! Lots of things can actually be done much faster if we know how to apply the right Excel functions. You’ve provided us with the cheat-sheet and that’s really helpful. This is a great course and I’ve recommended my team members across the country to do the same if the same program is offered nation-wide.

Kurniawan W.

Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course has helped me passed the first interview I had with [name] company. I was able to successfully produce the reports as requested, which led me to the second interview, therefore I had chance to talk to their CFO. I have to say I was so proud of myself, and I believe that all of the success can’t happen without your help.

Grace C.

This course covered many aspects of advanced level Excel. All materials are discussed in class and could be really helpful if someone practices more in his/her own time. I will certainly recommend this course as a start to become expert in Microsoft Excel.

Jahan S.

I heard Excel is a very powerful software. But as I worked in a small company, I just used some basic functions of it. After I took this course, I really realized how powerful it is! Super Excel and super instructor! It will become my strong asset in my future job.

Sophia X.

If you want to improve your Excel skills to a more advanced level in a more efficient and effective way, the Supper Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is worth your time to take.  The materials covered in the course are very practical and organized.  The way the instructor teach was very easy to follow and understand. It is so impressive to see well designed detail solutions with very detailed notes to every single practice spreadsheet!  This really helps you to practice after class. I would definitely recommend this course to my friends and colleagues! Jasmine Z.

Indeed, Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course has advanced my knowledge in Excel and helped me complete tasks much quicker at work. I enjoyed each class and felt that the selection of material is very well suited for the types of tasks most people get at work. I discovered many useful features in Excel, and this has proven to be a great asset at my workplace. Instead of focusing on mundane details of “how to make a useful/nice spreadsheet”, I am able to shift my focus to other areas at work, and my productivity has increased greatly. I also greatly appreciated the fact that they allow students to re-take the course free of charge within one year. This shows a high level of dedication to any student who wishes to put in the effort.

Ahmad R.

Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis introduces practical Excel problem solving functions and tools in a structured and easy to understand way.  The functions I’ve learned have already saved me a lot of time at work! I would definitely recommend Super Excel.

Shannon P.

I was very happy with the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis Course.  Prior to taking the course I had some challenges, however, with your extensive technical knowledge and help I was able to build my skill set in Excel and improve my confidence in this area.  Using the practice sheets  also made it much easier to understand the formulas; I really appreciated all your help and would recommend the course to anyone.


I think this course was an excellent crash course in learning everything you really need to know about excel in a short period of time. You are a very understanding and knowledgeable teacher and this only makes it easier. Coming in knowing very little about Excel, I was able to learn a great deal.

Aaqil R.

At first I worried about taking this course as I didn’t think I would use most of the things learned. The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course has helped with my day to day work a lot. I am able to shorten my time on Excel reports using shortcuts, functions, and formulas. I am glad that I have taken the course and I have the opportunity to go back and re-take the course in one year to refresh my skills. The instructor is very approachable and does his very best to help you and make sure you understand what he is teaching. You can’t go wrong taking this course.

Shellie-Ann H.

I’d say Super Excel super skill super help!  The instructor makes me a superhero at work!

Michael M.

As a recent graduate with limited job experiences, it is extremely difficult to get an entry position in this competitive job market. Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course enhanced my resume and prepared me to enter the job force by demonstrating applicable and useful skills. The active and friendly learning environment allowed students to ask questions comfortably and learn from each other openly. Also, the instructor explained materials and answered questions very clearly. From this course, I became more confident for upcoming interviews and knowledgeable about what the job industry requires.

Regina L.

I enjoyed attending your class so much.  The course content is quite helpful in terms of data processing and analysis.  I also appreciated your effort to make the teaching process so successful.

Debra M.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is a well-structured, step-by-step course. I work in the Financial Services industry and this course helped me gain more confidence when I deal with large amount of data every day.

Angela C.

The super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course greatly increased my Excel skills and it reduced my work time for more than 50%. As a financial analyst, I used to spend a lot of time to sort and analyse data. Now with just a few formulas, I am able to efficiently deliver my work.

Valerie N.

Thanks to the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course!  It has greatly enhanced my Excel skills and taken it to the next level. The course was highly structured, informative, and useful, with lots of focus on practical cases/examples. I would strongly recommend the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course to anyone who wishes to advance their Excel skills. All in all, the course truly lives up to its name. Last but not the least, I would like to thank the instructor for all his patience, willingness to help, and excellent teaching skills.

Arun N.

I have just graduated from university for 3 month. As a new Marketing Analyst in my company, the biggest challenge for me is how to finish my project efficiently to meet the deadline. The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course teaches me plenty of amazing Excel skills that perfectly resolves my issue. Now, my manager is satisfied by my progress and our working efficiency is improved dramatically.

Danny C.

I took the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course to improve my analytical skills and knowledge of the Excel program. This course exceeded my initial expectations and introduced me to a variety of new functions and formulas that I didn’t even know existed. Now I feel confident in my ability to use Excel to manage and analyze large amounts of data. This course was incredibly helpful and the instructor gave me the tools to learn the material. He explained the concepts clearly in class with thorough examples to reinforce them and allowed for more individual practice at home.

Lauren W.

My Excel skill was greatly improved after taking this course. Even the first class was very useful and my productivity has greatly increased at work, where I use Excel daily. This course focuses on the functions that apply to the majority of jobs that require heavy-use of Excel so it is extremely practical. Easily better than any Excel course typically offered by colleges. Finally, the instructor is very patient and kind.

David C.

I felt that I have learned so much after taking your course. Initially I thought about studying Excel’s various functions by myself. Now I know, if I did, it would have taken me way too much time and efforts, and I would have not mastered the skillful application of those most needed functions. Your course is very well organized and covers very advanced application of those functions/formulas, even though I have used Excel for more than a decade, I still have to put in my 100% attention during class, especially on those more advanced areas. Before I was impressed with some other peoples’ Excel skills; now I feel that I can reach that level too after more practice.

Eric X.

I learnt a lot from this course, and keyboard shortcuts have saved me lot of time.

Huda A.

Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis  course helped me to improve my work quality and efficiency in many ways:

First, the keyboard shortcuts greatly reduced the working time on my spreadsheet.  I am more enthusiastic of using shortcuts now.

Second, the course enhanced my analytical skills by providing logic thinking (i.e. nested IF functions), which breakdown problem into small pieces then combine them back into one again. In doing so, the complicated problem becomes much easier to solve.

Third, you teach us how to use different functions in smart ways which facilities problem solving process and I had a lot of fun in my daily life.

Fourth, handling large volume of data by using pivot table saved a lot of time comparing to the method I used before. Macro became very easy to understand.

Finally, financial modeling helps us to make plan strategically before setting up the model.  It includes how to structure data, how to build formulas, how to make reports dynamically, and all these knowledge highly improved my work quality and efficiency.

Molly M.

This was an excellent course.  The instructor has great knowledge on the tools available in Excel.  The cases are great to work through, both in class and at home.  Would recommend this course to anyone.

Rahim V.

As an accounting professional, I use Excel every day and I thought my Excel skills were good enough before taking the course. I am so glad that I had a great instructor who shared his knowledge and experience with us. The skills I learned from this course helped me improving my productivity and added value to my career development. Of course I will share my course experience with my friends and colleagues, and I will encourage them to take the course.

Hui Z.

I feel so luck of taking this course. I just graduated from U of T in June 2013, still looking for jobs. This course brought me a huge help. Before this course I thought I knew Excel, but now I realized how little I knew before. I liked the fact that the Super Excel course is based on the real business world Excel skills and we have files to practice after the class. Thank you!

Gary Y.

Taking the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course has truly made me an Excel SUPERHERO! I loved how the instructor used real life examples to help us understand as well as the detailed lesson plans which he came up with based on questions from students in the past. Learning how to manipulate data, all the Excel functions and shortcuts has improved my productivity at my workplace.  This course was hands on practice with a wonderful, knowledgeable, FUNNY instructor! I strongly recommend this course. Thank you!

Lory S.

It was so helpful and I’m feeling a lot more confident with writing complex formulas in Excel. I saved lots of time & my manager is very happy with my performance. I wouldn’t be able to do it without you!

Nataliya S.

I was looking for an Excel course that would allow me to advance my Excel knowledge from basic/intermediate to intermediate/advanced so I can catch up with my CMA peers. Most of the programs I found require a four to eight month commitment, and I would have to either start in the beginner course or take an exam to prove my proficiency to waive the prerequisite. I’m glad that I found your course, it has easy entrance, and it provides me with what I need to learn, with a teaching method that is easy to follow. I had been sitting in a class in another place where the scope is way too broad and the method of teaching is that we students follow textbook instructions like robots. Comparing the scope and depth of the material delivered and the method of delivering, the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course is way more effective than other more traditional courses.

Jolene Z.

I highly recommend the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course. The instructor is always willing to lend a helpful hand. Instead of trying to work your way through an Excel user manual or an Excel for dummies book, take Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course and focus your efforts on learning the most important functions with real world exercises and spreadsheets. You learn Excel by practicing not reading.

Ryan B.

I am very satisfied and happy to have taken this course. It really has been very useful for me. Before starting this course I was working on an expense report template for my company. The formulas that I was using were way too long. After the third class I was able to make the long formula much shorter and achieve same objective. The instructor’s suggestions helped me to solve the issues that I faced creating the template and to find the right formulas to be applied. Now I feel more comfortable working with Excel and I have got new skills that will help me on my career.

Ada M.

After 4 classes and a lot of new functions & keyboard shortcuts, I have been using some of them at work and at home (I did not have a chance to use them all yet). So far, I was able to save about 10 minutes per day (priority changes). In the future, I will be using a lot of these functions more frequently and that is where the time saving comes in. Expecting to save a couple of hours a week. Anyway, I really enjoyed the classes. Thank you for a job well done.

Ricky N.

Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course has allowed me to understand how powerful Excel could be and how much time I can save with tricks taught in the course. The spreadsheet exercises are well organized and I can refer to them later for specific functions.  I highly recommend it to those who want to learn more about Excel to accelerate data processing.

Chris C.

Thanks to Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course, those formulas do not look like foreign language anymore, and only after 4 classes! Sophisticated functions were explained and broken down to comprehensible elements, while keyboard shortcuts made practicing the functions at home a breeze… After taking this course, data administration tasks at work take twice less time and results are more accurate. Thanks the instructor and Super Excel!

Ioulia B.

This course delivers on its mission: to teach you the most common and effective functions/features that MS Excel has to offer, but more importantly, how to apply them logically and efficiently to address your business needs and issues. This, coupled with the instructor’s deep, regularly-used knowledge, are the value this course provides. Every analyst uses MS Excel in their jobs, to varying degrees — if you are one, take this course.

David V.

I took the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course this January 2014 because I want to refresh my knowledge of Excel especially now that I am in the process of getting back in the workforce after being sidelined as a full time homemaker. I’ve learned so much from the brilliant instructor who goes a long way in teaching and imparting his students his expertise and logic of how Excel works. I will definitely recommend this course because it works. Cheers!!!!

Agripina B.

Thank you so much. There are several aspects of the course that are useful to the work that I do. The most useful thing to me was the exposure to different ways of analyzing data and the understanding of what the potential of Excel is. Once you have firm grasp of the logic and understanding of the formulas and what/how they can be used, building the formulas to return the information needed becomes much easier. I really felt the information in the course was presented in a manner that was easy to understand and providing access to the course notes is useful to me for several years to come. Your knowledge, encouragement and easy manner is much appreciated. Also, knowing that we can contact you any time if we need help is very comforting!!

Meera M.

I’ve learned a lot from the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course. I came into this course just having the very basic knowledge of Excel. It definitely enhanced my skills to a totally new level, and learned how to apply these formulas and functions to my daily work operations. It shows me there’s so much more to Excel and so many different things you could do to reduce workload. Thanks a lot.

Ricky D.

Definitely I learned a lot from the course and I’ve been using them in my work. I love the shortcuts using CTRL and ALT keys saving quite some time.  Although I’m not into the complex Excel formulas, learning them gives me the confidence to manipulate and compare files. I like very much the copy of both the exercises and corresponding solution. It provides us the opportunity to absorb the concepts and understand them well given some topics were not practiced in class.

Joseph M.

I will definitely recommend my friends to join your class, as it’s amazing! Attending Super Excel class, I’m not just merely acquiring the skill to improve my work efficiency, but also the concept of how to use those functions, which I was struggling for a while. I would take this opportunity to thank you for all you efforts – 16 practical excises files plus detailed notes and explanations, that’s really helpful. I greatly appreciated it.

Tracy C.

It has been absolutely pleasurable and rewarding for me to attend your Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course. I believe the benefits of this course is priceless. The way you have adapted the curriculum to specific needs of an organization makes it realistic and addresses real life issues that we may need to contend with in our place of employment.

This course certainly has shaped the rest of my career and profession in a positive way, and has put me on the winning edge.

It has given me options and I will brave to say it will make anyone regardless of what profession or industry you are in, it will make you indispensable. The reality is that we live in a time where downsizing and economic downturn seems to be a norm. By having the skills taught in your class it makes you extremely valuable to your organization and even in tough economic times they won’t be able to cut your services.

This course is definitely a win-win situation and I am thrilled to have been able to capitalize on it. I would recommend this course without hesitation to anyone even if they are already experienced in Excel. Many thanks again to you and keep up the good work, all the very best in your future endeavors.

Owen D.

Attending the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course, following the instructor to enter the magic Excel world, allowed me to realize the amazing power of Excel. Fully utilizing the skills covered in this course, you will find exactly what you need from a sea of data, and the tedious and large amount of work will become simple and easy, even joyful.

Simon Z.

I wanted to thank you for your time and efforts.  I am finally at the point in Excel that is required in my role as an Analyst. Your classes focused on all the points that I needed to cover and understand. I am in a better position to succeed in my field – Excel is key.

Christie I.

I have taken Excel courses before, but never had it presented in the practical, real-world, easy to apply to your job way that the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course does. After the first 30 minutes of the first class you can tell that you are being taught how to solve real world problems using Excel and that it would only get better. Taking Super Excel has improved my confidence using Excel and made me think of things I can volunteer for at work to look better. The fact that you can come back to review everything within one year after taking this course is just the cherry on top. Thanks for all of your help!

Tate B.

I have always been believing that I knew quite a lot about Excel, and thinking it as a tool for creating tables and charts. However after taking the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course, I realized that I knew so little about Excel. There are so many functions/formulas that could be utilized and enable us to get work done in much shorter time. These skills were not taught in school, so I had to spend large amount of time to complete simple tasks. Now after taking this course, it will not take me that much time anymore. Many work tasks now only requires one simple formula to solve. Thanks to the instructor for teaching us so many important and most needed formulas, I really appreciated it.

Jamie F.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course was a huge success for me. I was tired of watching and asking various colleagues over the years for help every time I needed to create something fast and efficient using Excel. Taking this course helped me understanding more fully what Excel has to offer. It also helped me in my day to day job. I have always had to use Excel to accomplish reports, and manage data, but this course allowed me to better understand what I was doing, and to streamline the data I was manipulating, as well as being a source of consultation with my work colleagues. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn fast, and come out with a huge amount of new information.

Natalie J.

A brilliant course that greatly enhanced my Excel skill! The instructor was very helpful who carefully helps you to get hands on Excel step by step. The materials given to us were well organized that guided us to understand them easily and deeply.

Mody W.

I loved learning from your course. It’s really beneficial to my work; It gives me opportunities to upgrade myself on financial reporting….

Grace B.

I like Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course because it takes very short time to improve your Excel skill that you cannot master at any college or university. There are lots of functions I got to realize after taking this course. I referred my colleague to this course and she enjoyed it. This course helped me not being afraid of facing tremendous data at my work and boosted my confidence. Come on and join the course, it is very valuable.

Claire Z.

As a metallurgist working in a manufacturing company, I was looking for courses to improve my Excel skills. I found the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course very practical and helpful. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone, like me, who work in engineering.

Minxue Z.

I am a Professional Accountant and have been using Excel since long time.  I always have a passion to learn complex formulas for developing business intelligence data.  I read few books consisting of more than 1000 pages and browsed a lot on net to develop skills for writing formulas consisting multiple functions, but I always got lost between the formulas.  The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course has taught me simple methods of writing complex formulas.  I can now write a 300 meter long formulas using multiple nested functions.  The structured workbooks provided along with the course is added in my personal e-library.

Zafar S.

The instructor provides a fast paced high intensity learning environment.  The practice files for the exercises are representative of the challenges faced in a true professional environment.  If your job entails the manipulation of large, data heavy files; you will not be disappointed. Come ready to work and you’ll be a SUPERior EXCELler in 4 weeks!

Mark D.

Super Excel was very helpful! Complex concepts were simplified. I feel confident that my new Excel abilities will benefit me in the workplace.

Anna T.

As a Business Analyst, I use Excel quite often in my work, and I know it is one of the most important tools for today’s business activities across functional teams and industry segments.  The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course touches many things from Excel keyboard shortcuts to develop complicated business models, reports and features. The instructor’s teaching is fun since he combines many real life examples in a cool way. His course is easy to follow with step by step hands on practise at class. The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course really brought my Excel skill into next level. I am able to combine functions to build and customize my research and analysis report. What I learned from this course has helped me to improve my productivity and of course, added value to my career development. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that uses Excel frequently. Thank you, I had awesome spring course!

Alice X.

I will say the Super Excel training opened a new way to access and manipulate data than I knew before. The keyboard shortcuts alone are mega time saver and the practice files available to participants reinforces the lessons learnt.

Kingsley L.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course was just what I needed, it has helped me greatly every day since the first class.  While some of the items covered were not relevant to me, the potential of Excel has really opened my eyes to what is possible to make my work easier.  I use the “=NOT(ISNA(VLOOKUP()))” on a regular basis and to say the least, it saves so much time.

Carl R.

I thought I knew quite a bit about Excel until I took the Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course. The course is extremely well planned and you actually get to learn quickly and more importantly practice with actual real scenarios that you can apply at work right away. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to excel at doing impressive reports in the most efficient manner.  This course definitely opens doors to great opportunities to shine and be the go to person when executives in your company need up-to-date and accurate reports.  In this era of analysis, this is one of the best and most versatile tool to have and the instructor certainly delivers with his Super Excel course. Thank you for making me that much more efficient no matter what the job is. You want to impress your boss, or yourself?  Then, take the Super Excel course and you will impress!!

Helen D.

The Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis course gave me the Excel skills I needed to be successful in a supply chain role and take my career to the next level. From the first class I was already applying what I have learned in my own work and teaching others new ways to automate tasks and increase efficiency. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to take their basic/intermediate Excel skills to the next level.

David D.

Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis is an amazing course! This course has provided me with advanced tools, expert level knowledge and has significantly improved my Excel skills. The course is based on examples that can be easily adapted and applied to real work situations to perform high volume and complex data analysis. I am confident to save at least 2 hours working time daily using the skills I have learnt from this course. The Super Excel instructor has done a great job at consolidating the most useful and productive excel functions into a very creative and interactive learning experience. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone looking forward to significantly increase productivity using excel.

Sanjay N.

Microsoft’s Excel software can be extremely powerful if you know how to use it, and the Super Excel course does a superb job of training you–through a combination of theory and an unmatched number of real-life problems–to become a master of that software, enabling you to perform indispensable operations on thousands of rows of data in only a few minutes.


This course has helped me learn a lot about Excel and its capabilities. Excel is absolutely necessary when working with large amounts of information and allows for much faster and efficient business analysis. This course not only allowed me to get familiar with Excel’s powerful functions but also allowed me to apply them to real world situations. The instructor is very resourceful and does a very good job of teaching the course. I would highly recommend this course to students as well as industry professionals who want to brush up on their Excel skills.

Hammad M.

I really appreciated your course. I was a little skeptical on paying for a course which I believed I could learn by myself online. But having completed this course, I think I made the best decision enrolling in your program. The way the entire course material was structured from week to week made the learning experience very easy to understand and transition through. I have already and will definitely continue to recommend your course to friends and colleagues.

Michael O.

This is one of the best courses I have ever taken. It was an excellent, practical, useful, interesting, and super-high quality course. And the instructor is kind and supportive. Though I do not use Excel much in current job, I do believe it will help me a lot for my career in the future. I would recommend this class to ANYONE who wants to learn Excel.

Jennifer W.

This course gives the opportunity to gain not only the advanced knowledge but saves Time and Effort in developing the spreadsheet. Super Excel is the route to take!!

Larry T.

There are several Excel courses out there, but none of them compares to the practicality and speed with which you learn. The keyboard shortcuts and the formulas helped me become more efficient at my job and now I can spend more time doing other tasks. If you’re looking to master Excel within a month, Super Excel is for you!

Leonardo A.

I found this course quite beneficial and the material is very user friendly and portable.

Karen S.

I made a good decision of taking this course. This course is amazing. I learned a lot of advanced Excel skills from your course and I believe these skills will increase work productivity dramatically for sure. This course is well planned and easy to understand. Thank you very very much and I will recommend this amazing course to my friends!

Ying W.

The Super Excel training is very useful and the teacher is always willing to help whenever you have question in Excel, no matter in class or in your work.

Linda W.

Thank you so much for the great Super Excel training! I have learned so much in the last 4 weeks. The course made my day at work as an analyst way easier. Since I have taken this course, I have multiple times impressing my boss with higher quality reports. The greatest part with this course is that every time that we learn a new formula or application, we get a chance to practice it and ask questions to the highly knowledgeable teacher.

Raphaele S.

I am currently under training and working towards a different position at my current job. In my new role I will be responsible for a lot of reports, daily, weekly, bi-weekly and Monthly. Being a part of your course has really helped me understand some of the very basic yet extremely important and efficient concepts. These new concepts will definitely help me complete my reports way faster, for example using the “INDEX” function instead of “VLOOKUP”. I believe your course is extremely precious and it’s worth the money/time spent. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone.

Saqib A.

I really enjoyed so many aha moments during Super Excel training, from keyboard shortcuts to macro to Pivo Table, which made my life so much easier! Super Excel shows me how powerful Excel is, I also realized how much potential I have to work more efficiently and effectively by applying the knowledge into daily work! I wish I have taken this course earlier!

Tina L.

I am writing to express my appreciation for the knowledge that we learned from your course. Your Excel skill is very remarkable. The knowledge is very hands on that I can apply to my work immediately. Thank you.

Helena Z.

The course helped me a lot. I’ve been using some of the skills at the work. Of course, to be familiar with the functions requiring lots of practice. I believe the course gives us some good concepts which could help us to resolve the problems at the work.

Annie G.

I would like to say that your course is an excellent training that enhances ones Excel skills. I personally found that this course helped automating reports at work to the point where exported data from my accounting system to my Excel template directly generate the report that I was looking for. This has resulted in doing my report in 2 hours where it originally took me 8 to 10 hours. This actually allows me to spend more time analyzing then tabulating the report. I highly recommend this course to professionals.

Soulat M.