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XLOOKUP Inside Out YouTube Video Series

Training Excel Files

The XLOOKUP Inside Out training video series contains below lessons at this time:

  1. Vertical Lookup
  2. Horizontal Lookup
  3. Match Not Found
  4. Partial Match
  5. Lookup from Last to First
  6. Match Next Smaller
  7. Match Next Larger
  8. Return Array of Multiple Values
  9. Two-Dimensional Lookup
  10. Lookup Multiple Fields 
  11. Return Multiple Matches by FILTER
  12. Lookup Text as Number
  13. Lookup Number as Text
  14. Lookup Both Text & Number
  15. Lookup Picture & Return Pictures
  16. Lookup from Multiple Sheets

Please download the accompanying Excel files for this series of XLOOKUP training videos, so you can practice along to have the hands on experiences, and gain the practical skills.

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