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After careful consideration it has been decided that, even though COVID is behind us, the Super Excel courses will no longer be offered to the public as group in-person classes.Ā Corporate on-site training, Excel consulting, and one-on-one sessions are still offered as live in-person format, as well as live online format.

These four courses could be loosely categorized as Basic (SE1-A), Intermediate (SE1-B), Advanced (SE2), Very Advanced (SE3). However, they are designedĀ based on real life Excel skill needs, so the curriculums areĀ substantially different from the conventional Excel courses at those levels.

If you want to gain an overview of the general levels of practical Excel skills, and where the four Super Excel courses fit in that landscape, please clickĀ here.

SE1-A Super Excel Tables & Formatting Course

SE1-B Super Excel Pivot Tables & Charts Course

SE2 Super Excel Data Processing & Analysis Course

SE3 Super Excel Modeling & Array Formulas Course