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SE1-A Super Excel Tables & Formatting Course

This course ain't your conventional "basic level" Excel course!

It does cover the foundational level Excel skills, but much more.

It is designed from a practical perspective.

In real life, before one starts to use functions and bigger concepts like pivot tables and charts, there are some most commonly used Excel features and functionalities. Those are the ones being taught in this course.

You may find some of the skills covered in this course are included in the intermediate or advanced level Excel courses at other Excel training organizations. 

These skills are easy to grasp, as they just need your awareness. Once you see it, you know it, and you can do it again next time by yourself. They do not involve logical thinking, much.

One time I was conducting on-site Excel training at a company in Toronto delivering this SE1-A Super Excel Tables & Formatting course. In the middle of the training, one lady shouted: "Wow, I thought this would be a boring class. It is actually quite interesting!"

When you learn a lot real life practical skills in a short time, and you can actually use them in your work right away, it ain't boring.

Comparing to the other three courses, the tasks involved in this one are mostly clerical. However, they are essential and important, as they are needed for people who perform at higher levels too.

I know it's a dilemma for some people, as they already understood maybe 40% ~ 70% of the skills covered in this course. They consider themselves way passing the "basic level" Excel skills.

If you are in the moment for a specific short term goal, e.g. trying to get a good handle of pivot table or formulas within one week, then you can pass this course for now, and focus on the immediate needs to take SE1-B or SE2 course.

If you are at a time preparing yourself for your long term career, and want to be well-rounded and fully equipped , this is a course not to be missed, even if a good chunk of it are already part of your skills.

Of course, if you are relatively new to Excel, this course is where you should start.

SE1-A Super Excel Tables & Formatting Course Outline

8-hour Hands-On Course (Live Online or On-Demand)


In this information age, data drives everything. Data has to be stored, organized, maintained, analyzed, summarized, and presented professionally to generate insights and facilitate decision making in your business. Excel is one of the most important tools to manage data.

This hands-on course gives you the ability to create and manage worksheets; enter data with or without data validation rules; create basic formulas to perform calculations; manage data in a table via sort, filter, and subtotal tools; insert pictures and drawing objects; format worksheets for a nice presentation on screen and on print.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for people who are new to Excel or have basic level Excel skills, wish to be able to use Excel to manage and present information professionally.

Topics Outline

Module 1 – Organize and view worksheets; sort and filter tables; subtotal and data validation

  • Viewing a workbook in multiple windows
  • Arranging windows
  • Comparing Sheets side by side
  • Freezing panes & splitting window into panes
  • Adding/deleting/rearranging/hiding/un-hiding worksheets & changing tab color
  • Entering data to multiple worksheets at the same time
  • Entering data in multiple lines of a single cell
  • Using AutoFill to enter a series of values
  • Inserting/deleting/hiding/un-hiding rows and columns
  • Changing column widths and row heights
  • Selecting single range and noncontiguous ranges
  • Selecting cells by searching
  • Copying and pasting values, formulas, formatting, transpose
  • Copying and pasting with mathematical operations
  • Adding/editing/formatting/reading/prining/hiding/showing/selecting/deleting comments
  • Creating/formatting/moving a table and converting table back to a range
  • Working with the Total Row of a table
  • Sorting a range vertically and horizontally
  • Sorting a range by color
  • Filtering a range by value and by color
  • Inserting one level subtotal and nested multiple levels subtotal
  • Creating automatic outlines and manual outlines
  • Remove duplicates
  • Data validation

Module 2 – Format tables and worksheets; work with shapes and images; basic formulas

  • Font & borders
  • Horizontal and vertical text alignment
  • Text display in an angle
  • Wrapping text and merging cells
  • Built-in number format and custom number format
  • Changing page view and setting multiple print areas
  • Inserting page break and adjusting page break
  • Setting row and column titles for printing on each page
  • Setting scale to fit to force printing on particular number of pages width and height
  • Adding header and footer
  • Copying page setup setting to other worksheets
  • Conditional formatting using data bar, color scales, and icon sets
  • Conditional formatting based on what the cells contain
  • Inserting/formatting/grouping/aligning/spacing/reshaping shapes and changing shapes stacking order
  • Inserting/formatting/cropping images
  • Capturing screenshot of a whole window or any part of the window
  • Copying a range of cells and pasting as live picture
  • Hyperlinks
  • Entering functions and formulas

Steve’s courses helped me feel more confident in my abilities to use Excel by teaching me skills to become more proficient, from foundational knowledge to advanced features. I joined the SE1-A course after having internship experiences in both accounting and finance and assumed that I knew everything – and I was proven wrong very quickly!

I took all of Steve’s courses virtually and was delighted that they were just as engaging, practical, and hands-on as they would have been in-person. Steve is an unparalleled instructor – he is thorough, empathetic, and patient. He genuinely cares about his students’ progress and has frequently stayed late to answer questions. Steve’s courses have helped me prepare for my new job in consulting and I recommend anyone who is looking to increase their professional effectiveness to sign up!

Ellen X.
Toronto Canada

Your course was the best course I’ve had, and I’ve taken a few! Steve is very approachable, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He explains complex ideas in a clear understandable way. I will definitely be taking the other levels of the Excel courses with Steve.

Charles N.

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    • 56 training videos (total length 6:49:19)
    • 19 training Excel files
    • Course eBook in 2 PDFs (118 pages)
  • Bonus: 3 short videos (A, B, C) of Tapping into the Power of Your Higher Self (Priceless)
  • Bonus: 90-day access to Super Excel Coaching Community and get Excel coaching support ($87 Value)
  • Bonus: 90-day access to attend twice a week live online Excel group coaching sessions via Zoom - total of 26 sessions ($257 Value)

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  • Bonus: Unlimited access to the on-demand version of the SE1-A course ($447 Value)
    • 56 training videos (total length 6:49:19)
    • 19 training Excel files
    • Course eBook in 2 PDFs (118 pages) 
  • Bonus: 3 short videos (A, B, C) of Tapping into the Power of Your Higher Self (Priceless)
  • Bonus: 90-day access to Super Excel Coaching Community and get Excel coaching support ($87 Value)
  • Bonus: 90-day access to attend twice a week live online Excel group coaching sessions via Zoom ($257 Value) 

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February 6, 2024 Tuesday 1:00 PM ~ 5:00 PM

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This course comprises two classes.
Class Dates & Times (Eastern - Toronto Time):

February 6, 2024 Tuesday 1:00 PM ~ 5:00 PM

February 7, 2024 Wednesday 1:00 PM ~ 5:00 PM

Price: $447 USD


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Let Me Breakdown What You Are Getting

and Show You How They Help You to Master the Right Excel Skills

Excel Training

Training Videos

The recorded videos are just like how this course is taught in a live in-person setting, often with additional explanations to address various potential questions or issues.

This is an Excel course taught in person in classroom setting for many years. It is tested effective and fine-tuned in many years.

The common and typical questions that attendees would ask are already incorporated in the recorded teaching videos. Also some of the common formula errors are also demonstrated in the teaching videos.

Training Excel Files

You can use the training Excel files to practice along the teaching videos or course eBook. Many of those files have answer sheets or answer portions for you to see the after effect. For some of the simpler features, they may not warrant corresponding answer sheets.

Course eBook

This course has very detail course eBook to guide you working through the exercises. There are lots of screenshots and illustration to explain the concepts.

Instructor Support

Most online Excel courses are just one-way communication from instructor to students. Students are left alone with no place to get help.

With this hybrid online course, you could ask questions at the comment section of each lesson, and I will answer each and every single one of your questions. Your fellow students can also see your questions and may jump in to share their perspectives too.

This hybrid online course format provides not only two-way communication between you and me, but also discussions and interactions among fellow students. 

Excel Coaching

Bonus: 90-Day Access to Super Excel Coaching Community

In this online community, you will get Excel coaching support.

With what you learned in the course, you have the knowledge and skills to solve more problems than you realize. This course provides many examples of ways using those functions and their combinations, but they won't cover all the scenarios you face in workplace.

When you face Excel challenges at work, you can ask me in the online forum to get help. Each and everyone of your questions will be answered.

If the problem can be handled using what you learned from the course, you will be coached to apply that to solve the problem.

If the problem cannot be handled using what you learned from the course, you will receive guidance on what to learn to solve the problem.

This is also a good opportunity to learn from each others. Often times, a question asked by one student, is the same question many other students wanted to ask, or will ask later on.

Bonus: 90-Day Access to Attend Twice a Week Live Online Excel Group Coaching Sessions via Zoom 

The live online Excel group coaching session is held via Zoom twice a week to further support your learning and application to workplace.

Each session is one hour long. You can share your screen and your Excel file and ask questions. I will guide you to solve the problem by applying what you learned from the course, or advise you what you need to learn to solve the problem.

Even though you may not have questions to ask, I would still encourage you to attend. This is a wonderful opportunity to get the exposure of various ways of using what you learned from this course.

Bonus: Tapping Into the Power of Your Higher Self

This is a series of short videos where I share with you some techniques I have used to improve the quality of my life.

Our emotional state determines the qualities of our lives. Getting richer does not necessarily relive or reduce the stress we feel in our everyday lives.

There is a part of us that has deeper wisdom. I call it the inner self, the true self, or the higher self.

In our everyday life, we are busy "doing" all kinds of things, and often disconnect with the inner self or higher self.

There are lots of ways to connect with the higher self and transform us from a negative emotional state to a more positive emotional state.

I have been pursuing a deeper understanding about life since 2014. Along the way, I have learned and benefited a lot.

Through these sharing, I hope to make a contribution to your joyful and fulfilling lives.